4 tips to avoid genital infections.

Unfortunately women are more susceptible to genital infections, since the intimate area is always wet and exposed. Therefore we give you 4 ways to avoid infections like candiasis and others. Start taking care of your vagina and you will notice a small change, it can greatly help your health.

1. Physician’s CHOICE: consuming probiotics to prevent bacteria from forming

Probiotics are famous for aiding the digestive system, improving nutrient absorption, and creating good bacteria in the intestinal tract, but there are probiotics that help care for the vagina. These probiotics helps improve female health by helping the urinary tract and preventing it from form bacteria in the vagina.

The best thing is that these capsules are taken and you don’t have to introduce them. You should only consume one capsule daily to prevent vaginal infections such as candidiasis. Has a 80% satisfaction of women.

2. Summer’s Eve: soap for zone V and balance the pH

Washing your intimate area is very important, as it helps prevent bacteria from forming, cleans the area without damaging or altering the pH, and prevents odors. It is excellent for used after sex because without care, infections can form. This soap has no aroma and must be applied every time you shower.

It has no parabens or any ingredient that can harm your intimate part. Just apply a little soap on your finger and place it in your V zone, without going inside. Too there are wet wipes if it makes you more comfortable.

3. Cora: Using tampons or feminine cotton towels

The tampons and feminine pads that make the great industries, use an ingredient to bleach the products, but this can seriously affect the pH of your vagina and produce genital infections. Using tampons cotton is more comfortable and healthy. These are fragrance, pesticide and chlorine free.

Join this change, prevent infections and awkward moments. Don’t forget to constantly change regardless of your menstrual flow. There are different sizes according to your needs.

4. Gogirl: device to urinate without touching the toilet

Have you ever wondered how often they clean the bathroom of a bar, cinema or shopping center? Using public toilets makes you more susceptible to contracting a genital infection. This is a device to urinate without touching the toilet bowl. It is made of medical silicone and is reusable. You just have to place it in your vagina and urinate.

It is very easy to do, practice a few times at home, if you are afraid or nervous about using it. To clean it, do it with hot water and that’s it. It is a very discreet product that will help you to prevent vaginal infections.