The best headphones to use at home.

Has it ever happened to you? You want to finish watching that movie that has you hooked, but you don’t want to disturb the people who are close to you. The solution is very simple: get one of these wireless headphones that can be connected to the bluetooth from your TV, to FireTV, to Google Chromecast or to your computer so you can turn up the volume as much as you want without disturbing any

1. Letscom

With a battery that lasts over 100 hours of continuous use, these letscomm headphones They are ideal to use at home or also on a trip. They have soft ear pads that cover the entire ear and are adjustable to the size of your head. They have a connection bluetooth 5.0 that guarantees quality sound. They are foldable, and on one of its headphones it has buttons to control the volume, turn it on and activate the bass.

The cheapest headphones, priced at $ 24.99 and they are available in 3 different colors. It is a product highly valued by customers in Amazon, which highlight its great sound quality and its comfort in prolonged use.

2. Mpow

The Mpow headphones they have noise cancellation technology and their bluetooth It can operate up to 33 feet away. It has a simple and ergonomic design, which allows you to move the soft rubber headphones and fit them to your head comfortably. Its battery lasts up to 30 hours of use and includes a microphone that allows you to voice control your devices or answer calls.

With a price of $ 39.99, these headphones are from a recognized brand in Amazon in the technology sector. According to customers, they are ideal for blocking external sounds and very comfortable to use, although they are more suitable for people with large heads.

3. WXY

With a very modern design, the WXY headphones They have a battery that can last up to 14 hours. On one of its sides, it has buttons to turn on the earphone, control the volume of the music, pause it, take calls and turn on the bluetooth. It also has an input for SD cards if you want to listen to music without using another device.

They are the best sellers on the list, and one of the cheapest headphones, with a price of $ 26.98. They are only available in light pink and the interior is white, so they can get dirty easily, but customers highlight their great style and comfort. In addition, they include a rigid protective case and are small headphones, ideal for children or people with a small head.

4. Anker

The Anker headphones They feature noise cancellation, a battery that lasts up to 30 hours of use and a professional design. It has leather covered foam ear cushions and the headphones can be tilted and rotated for comfort. It has buttons on the bottom of the headphones to control the music and turn them on, and two LED lights that indicate its operation.

They have a price of $ 59.99 And they’re the most expensive headphones on the list, but they make up for it with their features. In Amazon, customers highlight their brand, since it is recognized in the technology sector, its high quality in construction and comfort in use. On the other hand, basses have a presence in audio playback, which may be a problem for some customers, but a plus for others.