A tool that will bring the peace you need to your workplace

It is normal that in our workplace we are exposed to situations of tension and stress. The important thing is to know how to control them and find a way to find some time to clear your mind. A great way to bring some peace of mind to work is with a zen garden. And this time, we show you some available options that you can have in your office.

1. Zen garden with figures and rocks

This is a Zen garden for desks It has nine pieces which are made up of a base, four rocks, a sandbag, a rake, a succulent plant and a delicate statue.

You can use this mini garden to make meditation sessions inside your office and to create a calm atmosphere in your mind. An ideal option that you can incorporate in any corner of your office.

2. Accessory with concrete base

This desktop garden features a statue of Meditating buddha, an artificial lotus plant, a mini bamboo rake, a wooden seal, sand and rocks that are placed on a base with three divisions.

It allows you to find your inner peace, even during the most stressful work days. With it you can calm anxiety and focus on spending some time finding your inner peace.

3. Table zen meditation

It is a set of sculptures made to inspire vibrations that relax your mind and add meditative calm to your space. You can add natural elements such as stones, pagodas, bridges and more.

You should simply place it on the table at your work so that whenever you see yourself in the middle of a situation of much stress you can calm down with the movements of the garden.

4. Garden of natural wood for desktop


It is a luxurious mini garden that reproduces all the elements of a traditional scale japanese zen garden. Designed with an elegant wooden frame, this desk piece includes a bamboo rake and a broom to create meditative patterns in the sand.

Includes white sand, six assorted polished stones, two green trees, and a grass moss to help you create visual appeal and a counterpoint to patterns garden serene.