Drinking water during the day is essential for your health and well-being.

The human body needs Water to stay active and hydrated to be able to perform all the functions that the organs must perform, in addition to helping to keep your skin in good condition and internally digesting food well; This is why water is so necessary nowadays, but sometimes it can be difficult to take the adequate amount in the day. For those who have a very active lifestyle, we recommend the five 1 liter water bottles to help them stay well hydrated.

1. Water bottle stainless steel

With an innovative technology that maintains the temperature for several hoursIt has a double wall that prevents the liquid from condensing on the outside, so it does not sweat in your hands. This bottle is stainless steel and provides a clean, non-metallic flavor.

It has a style elegant and functional that adapts to all your activities of the day. It has a lid with drinking straw holding with one hand.

2. Bottle of water wide mouth

This design with wide mouth Allows you to add ice cubes, water purifiers, and filters. It is made from copolyester that is made without BPA and is stain and odor resistant.

Their graduations will allow you to make a smonitoring of your hydration during the day, so it will be a very functional tool in your day to day.

3. Bottle of water with time marker

This bottle with original design has a built-in marker that warns you the adequate time for you to hydrate. They have been made with BPA and toxin free leak-proof polyester plastic.

When you use it you will have the security of drink the purest water because this bottle does not preserve plastic flavors or strange odors.

4. Sports water bottle with transport strap

This is a premium quality plastic water bottle. Have a Ergonomic design With dustproof and leakproof lid. It has a sturdy carrying strap and a special frost cover.

It is elegant in its exterior design and is ideal for people who practice various sports. It is tear resistant and spill proof making it an excellent choice for you.

5. Bottle with handle and lock button

It has an ergonomic design and a lid with handle and button to open easily and top up with water to stay hydrated. This bottle comes in 750 ml and 550 ml format so you can choose the one that best suits you.

The presentation of this bottle with handle it is very functional because you can use it on your days with strong activities or to play sports thanks to its easy transport.