At work it is where we invest the most energy during the day and ideally it should be a stable environment. However, sometimes we run into negative people that end up spreading their bad vibes. If you share your workplace with this type of people, it is recommended that you have an accessory to balance your chakras and push negativity away.

1. Reiki tree to heal through Feng shui

This beautiful set of stones includes a handmade bracelet and tree of life with natural elements. It has precious stones such as amethyst, white crystal and green aventurine that fill you with positive energies.

Through the Feng shui, you can level the vibes anywhere you are. This set has the power to emanate positive vibes and attract prosperity and good fortune.

2. Bracelet precious stones with elephant

Made with precious stones Earth and turquoise tones, each one has healing properties, like Variscita that prevents excesses. Includes an elephant charm for good luck.

With this light and unique accessory you can carry peace, the stability, success and harmony that you need so much and thus create a prosperous and positively charged work space.

3. Bracelet with colored gemstones

This bracelet has been made with various gemstones from many colors like green, blue, brown, orange, pink, violet, yellow, gold and gray; that attract prosperity and success. The pieces are joined by a cord with gold beads.

The bracelet has been created to be worn by men and women who want to attract luck and happiness. Using it regularly, you can always be recharged with good energy.

4. Elastic bracelet of natural stones

Beautiful colors like violet, red, green, yellow and turquoise; This bracelet with golden dividers has been made entirely by hand. Each bead symbolizes each of the chakras in the body.

This accessory is a excellent gift for people who want to attract positive energies, control their temperament, achieve success or who practice relaxation and meditation techniques.

5. Bracelet and necklace healing with 7 chakras

The bracelet and necklace set have been made with lava beads such as red agate, lazurite, purple crystal, turquoise stone, tiger’s eye, green king’s stone, and amber. Each bead represents the human chakras.

A nice accessory It can be taken everywhere because it combines with any garment and also attracts the best vibes to the person who wears it. It adapts well to men and women, as it is a totally unisex bracelet.