The day of your wedding It is one of the most important and memorable moments of your whole life, so it is not surprising that you want to take care that all the details are perfect for you and your guests. The girlfriend is always the center of attention, and therefore the choice of dress, shoes, bouquet and accessories It is something you must do with time and thinking that everything combines together. If you plan to wear the loose hairHere, we show you some options of accessories that you can use to highlight your look and look as beautiful as you always dreamed of.

1. Waterfall headband for girlfriends

Long headband for brides, handmade with glass beads, rhinestones, ivory beads and silver alloy wire. It has an extension of 1 meter.

This accessory is delicate, soft and flexible touch. It can be used with a hairpin if you want to show off a more elaborate hairstyle.

2. Rhinestones headband bohemian style

Headband or headband in a delicate style Bohemian. Made with artificial pearls, crystals and copper wire. The size is approximately 10 inches long and 2 inches wide.

This accessory can be adjusted or tied with ribbon on the bride’s loose hair. Flexible and long-lasting. It can also be used with bobby pins to secure the sides of the headband to the hair.

3. Hair ornament cascading with diamonds

Handmade headband with beautiful and stunning diamonds an imitation. Its length is 70 cm. Ideal to use as an accessory in a wedding ceremony.

This style headband vintage It is highly flexible to shape the hairstyle that the bride wants to wear with her hair down on the day of the expected wedding.

4. Circular headband with pearls

Elegant headband for brides with beautiful branch design. Handmade with artificial pearls and wire ties on each side. Available in gold and silver color.

It is an ideal accessory to use with your hair down on your wedding day. Its length is 40 cm. Flexible to adjust according to the hairstyle you want to wear in the ceremony.

5. Bridal headband with crystals

Delicate bridal headband in beautiful golden hue for women. Made of alloy and beads. It has a size of 15.7 inches.

This piece with crystals can be worn on the back or side of loose hair and is attached with bobby pins to the side, providing added security throughout the wedding.