In all cultures there are symbols that generate a protective field on people that guides them to success, prosperity and keeps them away from bad vibes or malicious people. One of the best known is the hamsa hand or Fatima, which works as a protector against any bad omen. If you are looking for a tool to achieve your goals, surely these 5 amulets They can be of great help to you.

1. Pendant with silver charm

This accessory has been designed to be used as a necklace. It is made up of a black cord with a cute pendant in the shape of the hand of Fatima made with 925 sterling silver. A unique detail that combines the best of craftsmanship and laser engraved.

If you are planning to give a present to someone very special to you, then give this beautiful accessory that will give good luck to whoever wears it. Remember that Hamsa’s hand is a powerful symbol to ward off bad energies and protect from the evil eye.

2. Beaded bracelet black onyx

It is a nice gem to wear at all times. This hand bracelet was designed with alloy metal and onyx material in strong synthetic black tone, it also has silver details and a Hamsa pendant.

The bracelet is very light so wearing it is not annoying. Can combine with any look woman or man. Always have on hand the protection you need to ward off bad vibes.

3. Hamsa earrings For good luck

These hook earrings have been designed with silver details with the protective image of Hamsa’s hand. By joining each of its elements they offer protection for keep you away of bad energies.

Take these cute earrings where you want since you can combine them with any outfit and they will always look super good. It is a nice detail in jewelry that you can also give that special woman in your life a gift.

4. Necklace stainless steel gold plated

Designed with the Hamsa hand symbol, this exclusive accessory and it has been created with stainless steel material with a polished finish. It has a long chain that ends in a hand-carved charm that complements the piece.

Its golden hue makes it a necklace that you can give someone very special on that anniversary or birthday day. It is very useful to protect you from bad people and ward off any negative energy.

5. I said with diamonds jewelry in blue

A necklace made with turquoise blue zircons located in the center of the Hamsa hand shaped charm that provides protection in all areas for your life. The chain is 18 centimeters and its body is made of 925 silver.

Without a doubt, it represents a beautiful gift for you to give to that special young man or woman who is on a birthday or needs to be protected and seek to bring prosperity and peace into your life.