Emotions and the human mind are subjected to natural forces that manifest as energy, food and other aspects of life. The symbol Ying Yang represents the balance between strength and tranquility, aspects that you need to have in perfect harmony every day. So if you want to have an amulet to help you keep the Balance always with you, take a look at these options accessories with ying yang symbols that are designed to help and protect you in every moment of your life.

1. Pending silver with litmus tin

It is a pendant made with silver 925 sterling, handmade and rhodium plated. It has a green Ying Yang design with shades of turquoise, white and blue that matches any garment in your wardrobe. It has a snap ring to further ensure safety.

This may be the ideal gift for a lady who likes to enjoy a classic and elegant style design. It is a light piece that you can wear with any casual outfit.

2. Pendant Feng shui agate

Pendant made of agate with a elegant design very modern. The colors of this accessory symbolize the negative force and the positive force that make up ying yang. It is of high quality and serves for the daily use of men and women.

It is easy to put and pick upIt is also an ideal detail if you want to give all your good energy to a close friend or family member.

3. Amulet of ying yang with lotus in green quartz

It is a green quartz amulet with an engraving of lotus sun in white. The lanyard can be adjusted to a diameter of between 15 and 24 inches, ideal to fit the shape of your neck. This product includes an organza bag.

The accessory is made for people like you who are in search of wisdom. Get the most out of all the natural energy and benefits of quartz using this attractive amulet on a daily basis.

4. Accessory with pendant made in sterling silver

925 sterling silver necklace with an attractive symbol that represents the negative and positive energy of ying yang, all with a sun and braided design. A wonderful accessory for you to get the tranquility and balance you are looking for.

You can wear this accessory with your favorite casual outfits. Its manufacturing material does not cause affectations or problems the health of the user, so you can wear this beautiful jewel without worrying about what might happen to your skin.

5. Type silver necklaces Twins

A set of type necklaces puzzle with a design that represents ying and yang. Made of 925 sterling silver and polished platinum, each of the pendants that make up the piece have dimensions of 0.87 by 0.87 inches.

They are pieces of high quality that when they are together they draw the symbol of ying and yang, this makes them perfect amulets for your partner, husband, close friends, brothers and even even mothers. It is a design that has a great symbolic load within the Chinese culture.