Only attract good energy with these charms

The Turkish eye it is an accessory used in many cultures to keep good energies alive. It’s an amulet intended to protect the individual of the call evil eyeas well as negative mentalities. It is also very connected by the fortune and wealth. Take a look at the accessory options that we show you below to eliminate bad energy in your life.

1. Silver necklace with pendant

It is a 19 inch 925 sterling silver necklace with ring clasp and an evil eye protection pendant from white and blue glass. It is a light and elegant jewel with a simple design aimed at both men and women.

With this accessory you can keep away all bad energies and intentions negative from others, being able to carry it hanging wherever you want.

2. Elastic bracelet with color eyes

Is a multicolour bracelet Women’s adjustable elastic bracelet with Turkish crystal beads in a spiritual design to channel energies and dispel bad desires with elegance and refined style.

This bracelet is ideal for you to manifest your fresh and spiritual style, in addition to being a kind of protective layer for every moment.

3. Adjustable bracelets handmade

It’s a set of three adjustable bracelets Handmade in blue, black and red colors with a Turkish eye pendant as a symbol of good luck, fortune, protection and prosperity.

This amulet can also be a good gift option, in addition to being a fresh and light accessory for all occasions.

4. Plated bracelet gold with brilliants

It is an adjustable turkish eye and cubic zirconia bracelet with gold plated chain; The pendant attached to the bracelet has bright two-tone blue and striking black details to ward off bad energy and evil eyes.

This high quality accessory, in addition to being an excellent option for combine your outfitsIt is perfect to ward off bad desires and negative energies at all times.

5. Necklace with pendant moon and turkish eye

It is a necklace with a Turkish eye and moon pendant of simple design made in metal alloy. The pendant has details with a perfectly positioned metal pattern, to ward off bad and negative energies.

This accessory can be combined with any outfit; the material from which it is made does not cause damage or allergies, while its style provides security, confidence and elegance.