You no longer have to worry about losing your important documents.

The accordion folders they have several divisions that allow you to have an organized and systematized way your important documents, as well as receipts and invoices. It is one of the favorite organization tools in offices, and it can also be at home. Forget about losing important invoices or documents, and save everything in the folders that we recommend below:

Skydue: Filing cabinet with multiple compartments

The accordion filing cabinet Skydue is available in beige, black, blue and red and features eight expandable spaces. It is made of high quality polypropylene, resistant to breakage and deformation.

This organizer is suitable for sheets up to A4 size, comes with a clasp for maximum security and is waterproof. You can carry it in your hands or inside your backpack or purse.

2. Amazon Basics: expandable accordion folder

Made of super hard polyethylene, the file folder of Amazon Basics is waterproof and tough to breaks. It consists of 13 individual pockets with a total capacity of 900 sheets.

This accordion folder is ideal for school, work or home, it facilitates organization of important documents. This folder is closed through its adjustment system guaranteeing the security of your files.

3. Wintronic: Accordion folder 24 pockets

With a high capacity To save files, the WinTronic Accordion Folder offers you 24 different colored pockets. It is made of polyester and polypropylene that make it resistant to water, breakage and deformation.

It has a wide handle to carry it comfortably and easily where you need it. Their colored pockets With dividers, they allow you to quickly organize and locate your important files and documents.

4. Organizer with floral design

Accordion organizer, with floral print design so you can carry your documents with vintage style. It has six tabbed pockets for maximum organization that can hold up to 200 pages.

Made of polypropylene, this accordion-type folder is waterproof and tear-resistant so it promises durability. It is not bulky and is easy to carry. This would be a nice gift for students or people working with documents.

5. Engpow: Zippered portfolio accordion

The Engpow accordion folder is made of fiberglass with a layer of liquid silicone, being super resistant with maximum protection for your documents.

Is accordion folder It has 12 pockets for a total capacity of 600 sheets. This folder features a sturdy zipper that allows you to protect valuable documents, photos, and memories.

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