Add Alexa in your home for a low price!

Are you looking for a device that allows you to enjoy all the features of Alexa? Know below 5 of the best devices with discounts in Amazon, to save and add a smart assistant at home.

1. Transform your TV into smart with Fire tv

To transform your television from your home into one smart tv and enjoy all the on-demand content you want, Fire TV is the ideal device. With it, you can access the content of Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, Netflix, YouTube and many more applications, through your remote control or Alexa. At the control, a built-in microphone allows you to use Alexa to ask you for content, connect with other smart devices in the house, display images from security cameras and much more.

Currently you can find the Fire TV of Amazon with a 13% discount, and a final price less than $ 35. This device is compatible with the vast majority of television models on the market and is the best-selling Fire TV system. In Amazon, customers highlight the ease of installation and use of this product, in addition to the fact that with the same control, you can operate the television, but also a sound bar.

2. Alexa in any space with Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is the best known Alexa speaker, with which you can enjoy all the functions of this smart assistant. At the top, it has buttons to operate the speaker and also turn off the microphones if you want privacy, then it has an LED light line that marks the operation and its sides are the speakers, which are covered in fabric. Delivers sound with better definition than other models Echo Dot, but you can add the Echo Sub, a subwoofer Designed for Echo speakers that makes your music sound so much better.

With a current discount of 30%, the Echo Dot third generation is priced under $ 35. Available in 4 different colors, this speaker with Alexa adapts to any room, taking up little space and providing a lot of utility. With more than 73,000 reviews in Amazon, is a product that stands out for its versatility and ease of use.

3. All Alexa functions on one screen: Echo Show 5

With Echo Show 5, you can enjoy many more features of Alexa, from anywhere in the house. This device has a 5.5 ”screen from which you can benefit from different applications thanks to Amazon’s virtual assistant. This device serves as a watch, it includes a camera to make video calls, you can watch videos or series from any compatible application, see the images of your smart security cameras, listen to music, watch the news and much more, from any space in the house. The Echo Show It is ideal for the bedroom, kitchen or desk, adding functionality with a small device.

For its 11% discount, the Echo Show 5 is priced under $ 80. You can also find the model Echo Show 8 with discount, offering an 8 ”screen and a price less than $ 100. In Amazon, customers highly value this product, mentioning that it is a product that offers a lot of versatility, ideal for adding Alexa in a more complete way.

4. Alexa for kids, with Echo Dot Kids

If you are looking for a Alexa device for your children, so he Echo Dot Kids can help you. This Echo speaker is designed for children, with content and features they need. This device allows you to control the content that children access, while they can use Alexa to watch content, listen to a story, learn about their favorite animals and much more.

With a current discount of 21% for Black Friday, this Echo Dot designed specifically for kids is priced under $ 55. Available in blue or with a rainbow design, this Echo Dot It is perfect for the children’s bedroom due to its compact size and easy use. At Amazon, customers highlight parental control and the freedom you give kids with technology.

5. Transform any speaker with Alexa, with Echo Input

Finally, we show you an accessory that serves to add Alexa to any speaker you already have, while still enjoying its good sound. With Echo Input, you can transform any speaker or sound bar with Alexa, adding all its outstanding features. This device is connected by auxiliary cable or bluetooth, and it also has a button to turn off the microphones if you want privacy.

Your current discount of 29% makes the Echo Input is priced under $ 25, being the most affordable Alexa accessory in the guide. In Amazon, customers claim that it is an easy product to install and that it adapts very well to any space.