The latest in accessories to keep the chakras of your body under control.

Lack of meditation or routine are one of the factors that harm our energies, And if we don’t look for a solution it can make us feel overwhelmed and out of flow. There are different practices that help us to balance the chakras, which includes the use of amulets. So if you want to improve your concentration, serenity and connection with the universe, take a look at these special charms for you.

Unisex armband with chakras stones

This bracelet features 7 gemstones made of natural materials such as amethyst, lapis lazuli, the lava chakra, red agate, amber, tiger’s eye, green aventurine, and turquoise.

Each stone will give you protection, balance, calm, health, strength and will drive bad energies out of your way. It is very easy to install and you can carry everywhere so that you have a happier and more peaceful life.

2. Delicate necklace 7 chakras

This is a necklace with a pendant design that is made up of a 15.7 ā€¯chain. It has the 7 different precious stones that will give you protection, balance and strength while you use it.

It works to support you in meditation and increase your spiritual connectionl. It can also be a great accessory that you can use to complement with different outfits.

3. Bracelet with charms of chakras

Is elastic bracelet It has been made with a variety of precious stones, including amethyst, white glass, sodalite, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, carnelian and red jasper.

They are perfect if you want to have a more calm and relaxed life. They will also ward off bad energy and help increase your concentration.

4. Necklace healing with 7 Chakras quartz

This is a lovely necklace that features a chain of stainless steel 18 inches long and a small pendulum-shaped quartz with 7 different layers of gemst

Its high quality materials do not irritate, nor do they leave spots on your skin. The necklace has been designed to be worn by men and women who want to attract good vibes and peace.

5. 925 silver charm with lotus flower

It is a charm made of 925 silver of the most high quality. It has 7 precious gems that represent each of the chakras.

It is resistant to wear and extremely durable. A beautiful accessory that you can take anywhere and can also be a great gift for a special person.

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