Always stay protected with these charms.

In many cultures, amulets they have an important role in beliefs and rituals of protection against bad energies or to avoid bad luck. They can be decorative objects or also accessories that we always wear to ensure a protection total and keep us surrounded by luck, fortune and good energy. That is why this time we show you the best charms that will keep you protected against the envy and bad energy of the people around you.

1. Prosperity bracelet black agate

The delicate piece rests on an adjustable elastic ribbon with beads drawn on ancient Chinese animal figures, creating a positive energy in whoever wears it. This bracelet 12 millimeters long has a gold finish to attract fortune.

This detail is ideal for your favorite person, because it represents a unique jewel to attract good fortune, riches and ward off all the bad energies that vibrate in certain places.

2. Betterdecor: Turkish eyes for him The evil eye

I said made with special glass for the evil eye, in deep blue with a size of 9.25 centimeters, embroidered by silver steel beads linked by a bow in the same color as the glass.

The eye also known as nazarIt has protective characteristics that will drive away any energy of envy and bad actions around you.

3. BNQL: Sparkly Turkish Eye Necklace

Polished metal chain, with imitation of silver diamonds and an amulet of Turkish eye In a 24-inch length, it will protect you from any dark forces that want to get close.

Is jewel Coming from Persian territory, it protects whoever uses it from the energy accumulated by years in groups of families.

4. Amulet: Fatima’s hand

This symbol from the Middle East and North Africa is made in symmetrical hand shape It has an eye embedded in the center of the palm that denotes protection and strength for whoever wears it.

The Hamsa known as the Hand of Fatima, you can accompany it with a necklace to wear it on your neck and gives you defense against any negative or envious energy.

5. Divya: Tree amulet

This amulet shaped mantra is made with metal flowers with crystals embedded in its design next to the Turkish eye and weighs about 425 grams, which lead you to place it in places such as the front door of the home or in your favorite place at work.

The Turkish eye Carved in each part of the amulet, it aims to overcome negative energies and ward off the envy of those who carry it with them, increasing emotional and physical energies.