Pieces charged with positive energy to start the year in the best way.

The amulets since ancient times and within many cultures, they have been considered as objects with special properties that repel negative energies and attract good luck. There are different types and designs, but this time we show you some options in charms so that good luck is always on your side throughout 2020.

1. Chinese coins knotted pendants


This amulet is made up of coins belonging to the Ching dynasty that have a square hole in the center. They are joined by a red cord and crowned with a rat-shaped bead.

Represents the prosperity and wealth. Its compact size allows you to place them in your home, office and even in your car since it adapts to any style of decoration.

2. Tree of prosperity in copper


It is a delicate sculpture made in resin It has a tree design whose crown and branches are made with Chinese bronze coins.

It is a quintessential symbol of wealth and abundance, you can place it in a corner of your home or on your work desk to bring the wealth to that space.

3. Pendant heart-shaped

This is a beautiful pendant for necklace or bracelet made in silver of law 925 decorated with royal blue crystal inlays, transparent cubic zirconia and finished with the number 2020 in the center of the piece.

A versatile, elegant and delicate option that you can take with you daily outfit so that good luck is always with you. You can use it to go to work, to go out with friends or any other occasion.

4. Necklace with crystal stone


It is an amulet composed of a stone of rough crystal, attached to a chain made entirely of delicate sterling silver. It has its own natural shape and size, which makes it a unique piece.

This jewel in addition to complementing your everyday outfit, is responsible for repelling negative energies and attract good luck to your bearer into your life.

5. Said of the Chinese Zodiac

It is an amulet composed of a beautiful pendant with a delicate figure made of a resin of colors similar to those of the jade stone. Its design is given by the representation of the animals that make up the Chinese zodiac.

It is responsible for attracting good luck, health, happiness, longevity, peace, wealth and counteract any type of negative energy. You can take it with you daily and combine it with your favorite clothing.