Enjoy the outdoors with complete peace of mind.

The electric mosquito nets They have become very useful tools to eliminate and keep annoying insects around our houses at bay. These types of devices have various characteristics to guarantee a space free of bites, discomfort and disease. If you want to enjoy your time by fresh air, Take a look at the following anti mosquito lamps that we show you below.

1. Mosquito eliminator with grids electrical

This set of two electric mosquito nets have a wavelength 365 nm that eliminates insects and mosquitoes. A pest control device that features UV light and strong black grids.

With this lamp you can avoid exposing yourself to diseases and ills transmitted by insects. This tool is the ideal alternative so that you stop using chemicals that could affect your health or that of a member of your family.

2. Trap electric for insects

It is a black electric insect trap with ultraviolet light and integrated fan that can catch any type of flying insect. It has some boards bathed with glue for a triple capture power.

This device is totally practical so you can move it and place it where you need it. Have High capacities to eliminate insects, so that you spend a calm night and free of any type of pest that can transmit diseases.

3. Bulb to remove insects

It is an LED bulb that generates small electric shocks that eliminate any type of flying insect with a power of between 365 and 420 nm. The bulb is made from recyclable materials and features a UV light from advanced technology it has three modes of attraction.

This could be the most comfortable and simple to eliminate annoying insects and pests that disturb your sleep and that of your family. It is a very light bulb and it has a design that allows it to fit into the base of any bulb.

4. Insecticide electronic multi-colored

It is a lamp that eliminates insects thanks to its 15 watt ultraviolet light. The structure is completely made of resistant polycarbonate of black color and it has a high voltage transformer.

This lamp is very strong and durable, in addition to its design Elegant It adapts well to the rest of the decoration of your home, office and other outdoor spaces. The bulb is easy to replace.

5. Electric mosquito net for interiors

It is an electric ultraviolet light mosquito net for indoor and outdoor spaces that has a black grille of double mesh made of resistant plastic. It has a wavelength of 365 nm and a high-voltage network of 800 V.

This product is safe for humans and easy installationIt also has a distinguished design that helps highlight the personality of your home. It is perfect to take during your excursions to outdoor spaces.