With these applications you will be able to know how you spend your money in order to control your budget.

Controlling expenses should be a priority if you want to save money. However, in order to control expenses you must know what your budget is and know how and what you spend it on. That is why, here I present five applications that can help you make your budget and control your expenses effectively.

1. Mint

The application Mint allows you to develop a budget according to your financial goals. When creating a budget in the application this will allow you to know how you spend the money, since it presents informative graphs about your expenses. Likewise, it offers you useful tips to avoid going over budget and to be able to save efficiently. Mint can send you reminders to pay your debts or notify you when you are running out of the month’s budget. The application is available for iPhone Y Android.

2. PocketGuard

With PoketGuard You can add the information of your credit and debit cards, so that the application is in charge of analyzing your expenses. PoketGuard will use your shopping habits and spending patterns to create a budget that meets your needs and goals. In this way, you can effectively visualize how you spend the money and decide how you can save or eliminate unnecessary expenses. The application uses a system of tokens to encrypt all the information of your bank accounts without having to save it on their servers, in this way the data of your cards and bank information will be secured. PocketGuard is available for iPhone Y Android.

3. DollarBird

DollarBird It is an application that allows you to schedule all your debts, in order to remind you when you should pay. Similarly, by putting on a calendar all the payments you must make per month, it allows you to easily view your budget and how it is distributed. The application does not allow you to add bank accounts, so all the purchases or payments you make will have to be added manually to the application. DollarBird is available for iPhone Y Android.

4. Fudget

Fudget It allows you to add all your expenses and debts to the application, so that you know how you spend your money monthly. The application will gather and analyze your spending patterns, to provide you with effective tips to save your money. The application is easy to use, since it organizes the data in the form of a list. The application is available for iPhone Y Android.

5. Good budget

The application Good budget Organize your budget, expenses, and income by category and graph your expenses. In this way, you will be able to see in a more organized way how you spend your income and how you can increase your savings. The application presents the information in an interactive way with the use of graphs and infographics. GoodBudget is available for iPhone Y Android.