For a beautiful and rejuvenated face

We all like to show impeccable skin and to achieve this it is important to have the products suitable for this. The tonics They are products that should not be missing in your skin care routine since they have been created to hydrate, close the pores, stop excess oil and balance the pH. If you want to enjoy its benefits and include them in your routine, take a look at the astringent tonics that we will show you next.

1. Tonic of triple action

This is a tonic in a presentation of 237ml It contains an oil free formula. It is made from green tea and cucumber, two natural ingredients that help control the production of the sebaceous glands on the skin.

It is a product that prevents the appearance of acne, reduces redness and irritation. It’s components they act deeply and shrinks pores to provide an effective treatment that conforms to any skin type.

2. Astringent formula approved by dermatologists

Tonic made with powerful ingredients that reduce pores and clean all the impurities that are on the face. Its proven dermatological formula is indicated for any type of skin.

The face is a very delicate area that we must give it the necessary care. This is a product that will help you eliminate dead cells that clog pores.

3. Treatment for sensitive skin

It is an astringent solution to clean and refresh facial skin. It has been specially designed for sensitive skin and comes in a 10 ounce presentation containing a solution free of parabens.

This is a product that balances sebum production and reduces the shine on the skin so that it can look more cleansed. You can apply it with a cotton pad to give your face a more complete treatment.

4. Product multipurpose with natural ingredients

A product formulated with a mixture of aloe vera, essential oils of lavender and vegetable glycerin that cleanse, hydrate, fight acne, deflates and minimize pores. It can be applied to the face, neck and scalp.

This is a product that is quickly absorbed and leaves a pleasant aroma. A concentrated formula that will help you clean, maintain freshness and prevent premature aging.

5. Tonic to combat acne

It is a tonic made with salicylic acid and without oils that is ideal for all skin types. Its components penetrate the skin tissue to restore it and restore it to a natural texture.

It will help you treat blemishes such as excess oil and acne. The formula is designed to remove accumulated dirt and prepares the skin before applying makeup.