An easy and simple way to care for your plants without much effort.

The plants beautify our home, office or garden; however, watering them is a concern when we travel or when we have a thousand tasks to do. The watering balloons They are an automatic device for watering plants that is very fashionable and that makes life easier for us. In addition to doing the work for us, they contribute to save water and use only enough when caring for our plants.

1. Oysir: Watering balloons with animal figures

OYSIR 3 Pack Plant Waterer Self Watering Globes, Bird Shape Hand Blown Transparent Mini Durable Clear Glass Aqua Bulbs

Set of 3 decorative balloons automatic watering with different motifs: 1 snail, 1 fungus and 1 bird. Its measurements are approximately 23cm high.

This set of balloons is designed for the care of small plants. In addition to keeping them hydrated they will give an original look to your garden or pot. Automatically water for up to 2-3 weeks.

Colorful balloons Star Super Deals

5 Star Super Deals Aqua Plant Watering Globes Large - 4pc Deluxe Set - Automatic Watering Bulbs

Pack of 4 hand-blown glass balloons with a long support that adapts to large and small plants. System of automatic watering up to 2 weeks.

You only have to fill with water, turn and press on the soil or the compost of the pot and your plants will stay in irrigation without much effort. This pack includes cleaning brush for your balloons.

3. Extra large balloons Evelots

Evelots Watering Globes / Bulbs-Automatic Plant Self Watering - Extra Large - S / 2

Set of 2 extra large watering balloons made with inflated glass. Each balloon is 14.5 inches long with a balloon diameter of 5 inches.

Go on vacation and stop worrying about taking care of your plants during those busy days at work. These balloons provide a watering of between one and two weeks depending on the size of the plant. You get them by as low as $ 10.

Unicolor balloons Bouti

bouti1583 Pack of 4 House Plants PVC Watering Globes Spikes Aqua Stakes Automatic Self Watering System 10.3 "Length, Dia. 3.1"

Set of 4 watering balloons made of Sturdy pvc. They have a capacity of approximately 0.25 liters and are available in green and transparent.

Ideal for potted plants, houseplants, patio plants, hanging baskets, and desk plants. They are drop resistant and blows.

5. Transparent balloons Autrix

Autrix 4 Pieces Watering Bulbs Mini Automatic Watering PVC Self Watering Globes for Plants (Clear)

Transparent watering balloons in mini size for small plants. Made of lightweight PVC material, They are 2 ″ in diameter, 5.1 ″ long.

Keep up to your desktop plants Wet without much effort with these practical balloons. If you think that one is not enough, you can place in pairs or triplets for larger plants.