The essentials to attend any emergency at home

A first aid kit first aid It is a fundamental tool to be safe, calm and prepared for any eventuality that may arise. And although they are usually immediate attention boxes that are found inside the home, there are designs that adapt to other types of spaces such as the car or office. There are certain products that every first-aid kit must contain, and here we present five of the most essential.

1. Rolls of bandages breathable

It is a set of six units of self-adhesive bandages that are made of a breathable skin-colored fabric. They are multipurpose tools that have a great elasticity.

This group of bandages are tools flexible and ideal for athletes. This pack is FDA approved and can be used to treat pain in the joints, ankles, and other parts of the body.

2. Banditas with surface adhesive

They are bandages made with a flexible fabric with breathable membranes. They are tools with an extra wide surface and completely non-stick that allow to cover and protect minor injuries.

They are very easy to place and completely tools resistant, all these qualities make these bands have a comfortable fit in the affected area.

3. Antiseptic for first aid

A bottle available in a 473 ml pack containing one antiseptic formula with isopropyl alcohol so you can easily treat all kinds of minor infections, scrapes and burns.

This product can be used as cleansing formula It is very useful to treat minor affections and thus complement your aid kit.

4. Gauze package sterilized

It is a package with 100 units High quality absorbent gauze pads that are completely liquid resistant. Each gauze has 12 high-grade layers and is also equipped with disposable and multi-use pads.

These pads can be used to multiple purposes including cleaning wounds. A product with a very practical flexible shape that you can use on any occasion.

5. Sterilized gauze no adherent

A package of sterile gauze pads that are non-stick, the package include 50 units safe, totally latex and polyester free. They are perfect tools to treat and absorb excess blood from wounds.

These pads are completely safe and of quality to treat any type of affection in the body like wounds. You can also use it for other uses and applications you want.