The 5 basic ones that cannot be missing in your toolbox.

The repairs they are always present in our home, especially if we have a spacious house. Paying a technician to do them can be a great investment of money and a real nuisance. That is why it never hurts to dare to get your hands a little dirty and repair things on our own. So if you want to start in this world, here we show you the 5 things that cannot be missing in your Toolbox and become a true handy-man.

1. Hand tool kit of 148 pieces

This set of hand tools come with heat treatment and chrome to resist corrosion and are safely housed in a practical blow molded case. 148 pieces in total.

Contains the necessary tools for most repairs small ones that pop up in your home, like plumbing, walls, electricity, appliances and more.

2. Basic tool box with pliers

With 39 pieces included in your plastic caseThe toolkit contains the necessary items for most small home repairs.

They come under heat treatment and chrome for resist corrosion, so they will stay a long time as you carry out the repairs that arise in your home.

3. AmazonBasics: 65-piece tool set

65-piece tool kit, include metric hex wrenches 8-piece and 8-piece SAE. They come in a practical bag.

With them you can repair any damage or small breakdown of your home, such as plumbing, walls, electricity, appliances and much more.

4. BLACK + DECKER: 68-piece tool set with drill

This 68-piece set with drill included features a 11 position clutch which prevents the screws from peeling and overloading. They come in a practical bag.

Its 20V lithium drill gives you a variety of domestic projectsIn addition, its lithium ion battery already comes with a charge that gives for 18 months.

5. DEKOPRO– Durable 128-piece tools

Sheltered in a practical plastic caseThe 128 tools have been forged from high-quality steel and finished in high-gloss chrome, providing strength, durability and anti-corrosion protection.

For most small repairs and basic DIY projects In your home. Perfect if you work as a maintenance person, repairman, construction worker, mechanic, etc.