The essentials in your toolbox

In every house there are always situations in which something breaks down or is damaged, and we must resort to special repair services costs. However, there are several tools They can help you solve problems in your home quickly, practically and by yourself. That is why below we present some sets with the basic tools to do all the repairs you need.

1. Basic equipment to repair the home

It is a kit consisting of a drill with more than 50 pieces that allow you to solve any eventuality in your home and carry out any type of domestic project. This group of tools have an ergonomic and lightweight design.

The drill is compact and lightweightIn addition, its ergonomic design gives you a balanced and controlled grip. It also takes up little space, so you can use it whenever you need to and always use them safely.

2. Tool set in briefcase

They are high quality tools and made of steel, a material that gives them shine, strength and durability. This kit contains a wide variety of repair tools that are ergonomically and functionally designed.

They are easy pieces of carry and store that give you the opportunity to repair and carry out any type of project in your home safely and easily. They are tools that are highly adjusted to your needs and take up little space.

3. Tool box general

The Cartman toolkit consists of 39 pieces with different options to carry out any type of minor repairs. They are made with a heat treatment and anti-corrosion chrome and the set includes its own case.

This toolkit is a perfect option for you to carry out any type of domestic project how to assemble furniture, solve problems in the backyard, garden and other rooms in your home.

4. Kit 136 pieces

It is a 136-piece kit reinforced with a heat treatment and chrome plating that gives them greater resistance to corrosion and helps them meet the highest quality standards. The tools are ideal for home repairs and problems with your vehicle.

This toolkit includes a convenient and practical customizable box, molded and durable that will also help you keep each tool well organized and protected from liquids.

5. Toolkit Long duration

It is a set of long-lasting tools that are ideal for making any type of repairs and general maintenance of your spaces. The set includes screwdrivers, test pencil, claw hammer and other tools made of high quality forged steel.

They are tools of high resistance, durability and reinforced with a lacquer that gives them protection against corrosion. A very practical set of tools with which you can undertake any type of project or home repair.