Bath time should be a pleasant time for both you and your child.

Time to take a bath It is important for each child in their growth, and it is also a time when they require the full attention and support of their parents. However, if you have given your child a bath in the tub, surely you know that we should adopt a quite unfavorable position for our knees and arms. That is why this time we show you the best padded floor mats so you don’t hurt your knees while bathing your baby.

1. Baby Lovables: Knee and elbow mat


Bath mat in kneepad design with headrest for elbows for comfort. It features a 1.5 ″ thick and 22 ″ wide padded material. It also has 2 mesh pockets for a total of 4 storage compartments.

Ideal option so that your knees do not suffer when bathing your baby. Is carpet It stands out for its padded surface that will be totally comfortable for you.

2. GameXcel: Bath knee pad with storage pockets


Functional bathroom knee pad design, which has 4 pockets ample storage. At the same time, it has removable and folding pads.

This model of mat padded It offers a comfortable surface so that you support your knees and do not suffer from pain. Practical and safe design.

3. Blooop: Knee and elbow mat with storage net


Padded knee brace model with elbow pads of rest. It features a thick foam surface with a non-slip bathtub support, a support cushion and 4 storage basket pockets.

If you do not want to suffer any damage or physical discomfort every time you bathe your baby, this mouse pad foam It is ideal for you to lean on with great comfort in the bathtub.

4. Magicfun: Foam bath mat


Thick foam mat for tub support with headrest. Made with resistant material of wetsuit anti-mold and anti-slip. Easy to clean and machine washable.

What stands out most in this knee brace model is its surface of foam, which is comfortable when leaning on the bathtub while bathing your little son.

5. Cushybaby: Non-slip pads for the bathroom

Model of pads that work as a support for bathtubs. Made of neoprene material and thick 2-piece foam, plus a useful non-slip function. Machine wash.

You can bathe your baby with greater security and confidence, thanks to these pads resistant, practical and easy to install.