There are garments that allow us to improve our appearance, show a more stylized silhouette, and also highlight our attributes or hide some areas of our body that we do not like at all. For example, bell tops they are perfect for disguise the belly and make our figure look flatter, such as these options that we show you below:

1. Top of Sleeves with transparencies


Designed with embellished detailing on the top and lace on the shoulders, giving it a relaxed summer look. The Round neckline And the raglan-style short sleeves are perfect for a casual occasion.

his relaxed fit turns this blouse into an excellent option to wear in your day to day. Perfect to combine with any of your jeans and boots to catch all eyes.

2. Long blouse with Lace Sleeves


It is a cute and attractive shirt, with a classic design and basic long sleeve for women. It features an irregular hem, crochet knit lace sleeve with a soft material that flows down.

You can use this beautiful garment during any time of the year. It is ideal to combine it with tight pants to stylize your silhouette, flattening your belly and lengthening your torso.

3. Shirt with button down collar


Made with a very soft fabric, breathable, comfortable to wear and very flattering. Its design features a V neck, plain color, three fixed buttons, elastic hem and short sleeves.

It is a versatile blouse that you can use on any occasion. It looks great with the bottom fitted. It allows you to have a casual look, but at the same time sexy and classy.

4. Solid color T-shirt with 3/4 sleeves


Beautiful long-sleeved blouse made with elastic microfiber. The top has a flattering V-neckline and is wide at the bottom with a bell style. Its finish has a fun asymmetrical design.

Ideal for you to combine with leggings for a casual and fresh look, It is your perfect companion to go to work, go shopping, a casual meal with your friends or just to go for a walk.

5. Basic T-shirt with bell cut


Made with a really soft fabric, light and elastic. These shirts are very comfortable to wear with a loose style. You can combine it with any pants and it looks great.

The casual short sleeve T-shirt is a basic garmentIdeal for receiving visits at home, going to the office, eating out, going to the movies or any occasion you want. It is so versatile that it works well in any season.