Eliminate toxins and reduce measures of your body with the help of these belts.

Having a flat abdomen and a reduced waist is everyone’s dream when we say start an exercise routine and healthy eating. But it is important that during this time we have tools that contribute to obtaining these results. The sauna effect belts They help burn calories and we can use them throughout our workouts. They also provide lumbar support to avoid muscle pain. If you want to get faster results and be able to burn calories and fat throughout your body, you can choose one of the belts that we will show you below:

1. BRABIC: fat burner tank top

It is a shirt that warms and compresses the abdominal area to burn localized fat and calories. It has been made with neoprene and polyester, flexible fabrics. It has a zipper closure to make it very easy to install.

With this shirt you can perform multiple exercises without stopping your training. It will be a great help if you want to tone your abdomen and back.

2. Junlan: corset belt

It is a belt that adjusts to your belly and acts as a compression folder to improve the lower back. Provide stability to your posture when you need to do some weight lifting.

With this girdle we will avoid suffering from annoying pain and will help burn calories to obtain results in no time.

3. Sports Research: girdle with carry bag

A sash designed in pink and black. It has been made with extra thick neoprene and latex free. Its interior is extra soft and allows air flow preventing moisture and sweat from concentrating. Includes a carry bag and a fat-burning reducing gel.

It will help improve your thermogenic activity and stimulate sweat. It does not limit your movements while training. With this girdle you will notice a reduced waist and a flatter and more marked abdomen.

4. Unisex girdle with adjustable belt

It is made with neoprene, high quality fabric and skin friendly. It adapts easily to any body type. Its interior does not slip and holds securely. Available in sizes S, M and L.

It will provide lumbar support to your back reducing the risk of injury and relieving muscle tension. Its adjustable belt with velcro closure that allows greater support. You can also use it during postpartum recovery or abdominal surgeries.

5. Perfotek: super breathable girdle

This girdle with special technology helps to quickly reduce those extra sizes. It can be adjusted and adapted up to 42 inches. Prevents heat stroke and increases calorie burning.

You can use it without worries, since absorbs sweat and reduces moisture, preventing your skin from becoming irritated. With it the rolls that form in your abdomen will disappear.