For centuries, precious stones they have been used as elements of protection, healing and attraction of good energies; and it is that being beings of the earth, they are considered physical manifestations of the creative energy. There are different types, so its function will vary according to what you want to obtain. These can be used naturally or through an accessory such as necklaces, earrings or bracelets, like the ones we recommend below:

1. SPUNKYsoul: set of elephant charm bracelets

SPUNKYsoul offers you 4 bracelets with the following precious stones: Jasper, green Aventurine stone and Hematite. As a pendant they carry with them the figure of an elephant. They come with a special keepsake card and a purple organza pouch with drawstring or box.

The elephant brings you luck, prosperity, protection, patience and blessings on new projects. Jasper protects and relieves you of anxiety and fear; Hematite protects and helps you in meditation, while Green Aventurine manifests prosperity in your life and gives you endless possibilities in various situations.

2. Bivei: bracelet with natural stones

The Bivei bracelet features natural stones 8mm and approximately 6 inches long. The purchase includes a beautiful gift box.

Variscite gemstone helps you find the financial stability and avoid excess. Also, it promotes courage and helps you to release unwanted habits. The lotus is the symbol of beautiful and holy things, while the elephant is the symbol of good luck.

3. SPUNKYsoul: multipurpose bracelet

SPUNKYsou offers a bracelet with stones of Lava, Onyx, Hematite and Dalmatian. Her pendant is from Hamsa’s hand. Includes a gift bag and an inspirational message card.

The bracelet is multipurpose since it can also be used as oil diffuser. Just use a cotton ball. The lava stone protects you from negative emotions, the Onyx cuts off bad relationships, Hematite creates a protective shield for you, and the hamsa hand banishes negative energy from your surroundings.

4. Jardme: jasper and agate bracelet

The Jardme bracelet is handmade with a beautiful turquoise jasper and Tibetan agate gem. As talismans he brings with him a pendant from the Tree of Life. Comes with an exclusive custom velvet bag.

You can give it three uses: combine them from 2 to 3, you can use them individually or with other bracelets you already have. Jasper brings you peace, calm and intensifies your expressive capacity, while agate reduces apathy and sharpens mental clarity.

5. SPUNKYsoul: bracelet with lava rocks and lotus flower

It is a bracelet with Hematite, Amethyst and lava rocks. Her pendant is a stainless steel lotus flower. It comes with a box and an inspiring card with an inspiring message.

The bracelet works as oil diffuser. Regarding its energetic properties, Amethyst purifies your aura of any negative energy, while Hematite provides a protective shield against bad energies.