The leather It is a material that gives elegance and security to whoever uses it, especially in items such as clothing, footwear or accessories. A Leather watch It is a garment that can be adapted to many occasions because it combines very well with both casual and formal wardrobes, making it an element that should not be missing in your wardrobe. That is why here we show you some options of brand watches with leather strap who will surely be the new favorite member of your accessories collection.

1. Armani Exchange watch Black Leather

This watch has been made with black leather, especially for the dynamic man who handles himself in different environments. It is made with durable glass and quartz movement handles. It is waterproof and scratch resistant.

It is ideal to give as a gift to that special man who loves elegance and tasteful jewelry. This accessory adapts to any type of occasion and will never be out of place.

2. Diesel Clock with brown leather strap

This watch is importing and has been created with brown leather and stainless steel material on its strap. The clock is round, textured and multi-functional, and its display is analog.

It is resistant to water, splashes or short time immersion. You can use this watch in your daily activities and it will always give you a eye-catching and sporty look, suitable for any time.

3. BOSS Clock in stainless steel with blue leather

A beautiful watch made with a blue leather strap of the Hugo Boss brand. It is a very elegant and at the same time sporty accessory. It is made with mineral glass that resists scratches with quartz movement.

You can take this watch everywhere because match any occasion adapting to a casual or formal look. Keep in mind that if you attend places with a pool or the beach, it is recommended not to dive with it, so that you can give your watch a long life.

4. HUGO BOSS watch in black and orange

A beautiful watch on black color combined with orange It has been produced by the Hugo Boss brand. Its leather strap is super soft to the skin and its dial is glass with stainless steel that resists scratches. In the center is the creators’ watermark with quartz movement hands.

This watch represents the elegance and distinction anywhere you take it, and its colors can give you an elegant and modern look at all times.

5. Armani Exchange watch executive design

Created by Armani Exchange, this watch is made of brown leather and features a silver-tone glass dial with quartz hands that marks the minutes and seconds to be on time in all your meetings.

It is waterproof but it is not recommended to dive deep with it. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry that can help the gentleman to take it to set the tone in elegance wherever you go.