The girdles They are an ace up their sleeves when it comes to looking slimmer and with a defined body. These garments have been made with special fabrics that shape some areas of the body and stimulate fat loss. However, some can make us sweat excessively, which can be very uncomfortable especially when we are in public places. Therefore, this time we bring you some girdles made with materials breathable.

1. Half body girdle Withouth stitches


It is a garment made with a super fabric soft and breathable that allows you to move freely. It has a mid-body design that lifts the buttocks, flattens the abdomen and molds the legs.

I know will fit perfectly to your measurements and will allow you to look much slimmer. It is free of seams, so you can use it under different garments without the fear that someone will notice that you are wearing it.

2. Shaping pants waist

It’s a girdle with a shorts design that is perfect for shaping the thighs, lifting the buttocks and compressing the abdomen. It has been made with nylon and lycra, two fabrics that are pleasant to be in Contact with the skin.

Its combination of soft and breathable fabrics guarantee you greater comfort and mobility. It is the ideal garment to wear during all day.

3. Design of half body super comfortable

A girdle with a design that covers half of the body that allows you to shape your legs and waist. It has been made with nylon and lycra. It has a cotton lining in the crotch to make it more comfortable to wear.

Its design will make your figure look more definite and slim no matter what kind of clothes you wear. It is super breathable, so you can use it daily to go to work or college.

4. Pledge of coverage complete

A nice girdle that has been made with an elastic fabric that allows air flow. Its design is full coverage so it has a length that allows it to cover the waist, back and thighs so that your curves are visible thinner.

You will look amazing every time you use this girdle since its design will allow you to wear a very sexy figure without making you feel uncomfortable at any time. In addition, it will guarantee you a maximum mobility, so that you can carry out your daily activities without inconvenience.

5. Strip compression

An extra high waist girdle that has been made with high quality nylon and lycra. It has a design that provides moderate compression which flattens your abdomen, reduces the waist, lifts the buttocks and also contributes to improve posture.

It will adapt very well to your measurements and its breathable fabrics make it perfect for take her throughout the day without anyone noticing that you are using it. Its seam-free design will give you the hourglass figure you want so much.