Keep your bathroom tidy and clean with the help of this furniture.

Regardless of whether the bath It is shared or not, this is a space where it is important that order reigns so that you get what you need at the moment. Especially when you live in an environment that is part of your daily routine and the disorder becomes an odyssey every time you prepare to leave home. Although this disorganization may be due to the misuse of spaces and the use of incorrect furniture.

So if you can no longer find where to place your items, the shelves and cabinets They can be the solution and they can get you out of many problems. First of all, they are easy to install furniture, they do not take up much space, and in them you can organize all the items you want so that you can give the bathroom a more elegant and comfortable air.

And it is that sometimes you have so many products that you do not know how to organize them or they take away a lot of space, and most of all it becomes difficult to maintain control when there are several people at home who use the same bathroom. The idea is that each item gets its own place within drawers, shelves, or cabinets so you don’t have to be looking for or ordering them every time you need them.

You can organize them in the following way: the things you use every day are placed on the low shelves so that they are at your fingertips and the products with a lesser frequency of use are placed on the highest shelves.

In the case of small items such as files, nail clippers, enamels and brushes, you can place them in a basket or container so that you gain free space in the closet. Products such as body lotions and moisturizers that are part of your daily beauty routine are the ones that must be visibly on the shelf, since apart from being at your fingertips they also help your bathroom with small decoration details.

So take note of the following list of wardrove with different designs for you to adapt to the decoration of your bath, but also so that you have an idea of ​​what you may need if you decide to manage the space so that your personal items always stay in place.

1. Multipurpose shelf for the wall

It is a wall cabinet covered with a natural fiber lining to offer a satin or mirror finish in dimensions of 23 by 24 inches. Its classic style design is shown through its two upper divisions with matching recessed doors with an open section at the bottom. You can get this piece of furniture in gray and white.

It is an excellent option for you to achieve that your bathroom looks spacious, organized and with a new look. One of the best ways to take advantage of the distribution of this shelf, is to use the uncovered space to store towels or add decorative objects to create a cleaner and more sophisticated environment; At the same time, use the covered top for toilet paper, flavorings, skin moisturizers, or any other personal care product that you don’t want to be visible.

2. Cabinet with adjustable shelf

It is a bathroom cabinet made with modified natural fiber materials and designed with an adjustable shelf with three heights and two doors with metal knobs for a more modern finish. Its dimensions of 24 by 32 inches were specially created so that you store your products of different sizes and you can get them again without complications.

This practical piece of furniture allows you to redecorate your bathroom while guaranteeing the space you need so that you feel in total comfort. And it is that in this piece you can store and organize the toilet paper, towels and all the toiletries you want. It also provides a touch of elegance with its soft fiber look that makes your bathroom a nice and modern place you are looking for your home.

3. Furniture with drawer and wardrobe

It is a storage cabinet designed MDF wood, a mold-resistant material that is easy to clean. In addition, its single drawer and wardrobe together facilitate organization and access to your products due to its double compartment.

This multipurpose furniture can be the perfect and the best alternative for you to place it in your bathroom for its large capacity to store your products through its strategic compartments. Its clean lines finish with metal knobs makes it simple but elegant for any decoration.

4. Cabinet with side storage

This bathroom cabinet with side storage was made of sturdy MDF wood and designed with four drawers and a cabinet with an easy-to-install medium-density board. Its 22-by-32-inch size allows enough space for you to store your toiletries and toiletries in its four drawers and door cabinet.

This is a floor cabinet with a pure white finish that offers elegance to your bathroom decoration, even if the space is small. Although it is also a piece of furniture that you can use in other practical sections of your house such as your bedroom, in the hallway, the living room and even in the kitchen to transmit a modern and organized air.

5. Wooden shelf tower style

This bathroom cabinet has three wide drawers with vertical lines that create rectangular shapes, so you can take advantage of every free corner for storage. Further, it is built with MDF boards and a synthetic granite finish that is waterproof and easy to clean.

This design is one of the best options if you are planning a reform of your bathroom, since it has a system with optimal divisions so that you keep your personal items conveniently organized according to the level of importance and the use that you give them daily. It is also a good option to generate more space, especially if you choose to place it behind the door.