The wallets They are an essential accessory for any woman. They help us to always keep close to all the things we need in our day to day and are also an excellent complement to our clothes. Brand portfolios are usually excellent products quality and style, but they are very expensive. That is why this time we want to give you a hand and recommend the best portfolios. Calvin Klein what can you get for less than $ 60 and that they will be an excellent gift, for yourself or for someone special.

1. Portfolio tote style Calvin Klein

This wallet has been designed in ocher color and among its beautiful details it has a wide closure on the front, a top handle to carry the handbag and an internal closure where you can enter all your articles personal.

Due to its wide dimensions, it is a bag that will allow you to carry everything you need for your daily work and even if you go on a trip. It is appropriate to take it everywhere and always have everything you need with you.

2. Black wallet with metallic fringes

This is a modern black wallet with delicate details that make the difference and make it stand out. Made of polyester fabric, lid with magnetized closure and in its internal part it has multiple compartments.

With the traditional black color, this wallet is extremely elegant and distinguished, it has bangs on the front with small silver inlays and details that give it that modern and striking effect at the same time. Definitely, it will be a great option for when you need to go to a meeting and stand out with your outfit.

3. Mini wallet Calvin Klein crossbody

A cute bandolier style wallet made of polyester lining. It has a zipper closure and pocket on the outside with a large internal compartment. Its strap is wide and unfolds to adjust to the desired height.

It will always be a nice option to use a bandolier style wallet. They are comfortable, classic and in most cases they adapt to any occasion. And this in black is ideal to combine with any outfit.

4. Reversible wallet by Calvin Klein

Ideal for women with many occupations and who love good taste. That wallet is made with brown leather, reversible style. Its design includes a top handle that unfolds and adjusts to the taste of each person. It has a nice clasp that closes the wallet and reveals the brand Calvin Klein.

This wallet is very comfortable to carry and adapts to any occasion, making it ideal for use on daily days making us look more elegant and always ready for what we present.

5. Bandolier bag by Calvin Klein

The bandit style is an option that always imposed by the practical and easy to carry, as well as the little space it requires. This wallet is made of polyester and has a zipper closure, an external pocket and a large internal compartment.

It is a portfolio super practice that you will love to take everywhere, from work, to classes, to a meeting with friends or to that casual or special encounter with your favorite person, looking fabulous and fashionable.