Fill your life with luck and fortune with these charms.

In the Feng shuiChinese coins represent a powerful amulet that is used to attract wealth and also serve as protection. The power of this amulet comes from the forms that are enshrined within each currency. In order to attract abundance and job success to your home or work, here are some special charms for you.

1. Chinese Coins for Wealth and Success


Chinese Authentic Coins made by hand with copper, with good quality brand, a knot and opulent Chinese tassels of full body. They are approximately 15 inches in length.

In practice, the color red Yang energy increases and it promotes good fortune, money, joy, luck, and protection. You must place this amulet somewhere in your office.

2. Coins Feng Shui


The endless knot symbolizes longevity and wisdom in Buddhism and Asian art. The coins are made of copper with approximately 24mm diameter and have 8 coins in total.

This amulet helps you Overcome obstacles, gives you wishes and dissolves problems. Its positive Chi attracts wealth, its beautiful design allows you to incorporate it as a decorative element inside your office.

3. Chinese Coin Pendant for Wealth


These Chinese coins used in feng shui to attract success and wealth are made of copper material from excellent quality, with an approximate length of 33 inches and a weight of 440 grams.

East beautiful amulet You must place it in one of the windows of your office. Symbolically these coins represent the energy that attracts abundance and wealth.

4. Currencies Chinas with Hood


One of the most representative symbols within Feng Shui to attract abundance and success. These beautiful coins tied with a red tassel cord are made entirely by hand.

East pendant amulet It is crowned with a bell, you can place it on the door or in the window of your office. Chinese coins will attract good fortune, success and money for you.

5. Coins of Feng Shui with Pumpkin


Set of coins braided with a red cord, made by hand with copper and considered as a powerful amulet within Feng Shui to attract good fortune.

This amulet is special to place it in any space you want inside your office. With these coins you attract success, abundance and wealth in the workplace.