The amulets have been objects that since ancient times have been used to attract luck, good fortune and even as protection. Asian culture is one of the richest in the culture of amulets, since they are ancient objects that are passed from generation to generation and always maintain their energy and power. One of the most popular are coins, and that’s why here we show you some options of chinese coin amuletss that you can have in your home, office or even in your car and thus always have protection and fortune.

1. Coins with knot of the luck


This amulet has a very striking design and is composed of a chinese knot Lucky. Set includes 5 imitation Ching Dynasty coins printed with names of emperors.

You may hang them anywhere you have in your house, room, office or even in your car. They come in a convenient red bag so you can always carry them with you, too.

Chinese frog Lucky

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It is a frog It sits on a tower made from traditional Chinese copper coins, and has 2 strings of copper coins on its back and a copper coin on its mouth.

It is an amulet specially designed to attract money and good luck inside the home. The place where this frog is placed becomes a prosperous and full of money space.

3. Adjustable bracelet with brass coin


This bracelet is made from red thread, woven around a Chinese brass coin. his adjustable drawstring makes it the perfect complement to be used by both women and men.

You can use it daily, and with this amulet good luck is always on your side both in your career and in your life. It also serves to ward off bad energy.

4. Amulet for prosperity


It is an amulet made of brass with ancient Chinese coins. It is made up of 10 old coins from the emperor standard size and 2 large coins for prosperity and good fortune.

The cord with the coins has been tied to look like a plum blossom. These coins united in this order not only offer you protection, but also represent wealth, health and success.

5. Chinese currency with Bell


The coin and bell of this amulet are made of copper, tied with an endless knot that symbolizes the longevity and wisdom, both in Buddhism and in Asian art.

The red color increases the yang energy and it promotes good fortune, money, joy, luck and protection. You can hang this bead in your house, office or window to manifest its presence in your life.