A hook type coat rack It is an extremely important tool to have at home. They are very useful to organize each of our belongings and can be installed on any surface such as walls, doors, closets or even inside the bathroom. They are essential elements in any home, and that is why here we show you some of the best options for easy installation.

1. Wall hooks transparent

Set of transparent wall hooks made of 8 units with capacity to support a weight of up to 13 pounds. They are resistant to water and oil, so they are useful to install in the kitchen or bathroom. They have a simple and attractive design, stable and durable.

You are 8 elegant pieces They go with the decoration you choose for your bathroom, kitchen or home. They are very easy to install and do not damage your walls. They are light and multifunctional for you, who like comfort and versatility.

2. Hooks of easy installation White color

Very useful set of wall hooks. They are white and have a unique and minimalist design that combines with any decoration. They support up to 5 pounds of weight and can be installed on different Places from the house.

Make your life easier with these easy-to-install hooks on which you can hang whatever you like. It does not require the use of tools to place them, this means that you can enjoy them without having to damage your walls.

3. Wood base with hooks

5-hook wooden wall mount that has the ability to hold up to 5 lbs. Weight, all in a design that adds elegance and contrast to decorate your home. The hooks are black in color and made of sturdy material.

A piece that allows you to organize each space in your home while providing a classic and charming style. A versatility tool, safe and practical.

4. Double hanger with matte finish

It is a wall hook with the ability to support a maximum weight of 35 pounds. It has a matte nickel finish and is constructed of zinc, preserving a minimalist style with an informal appearance.

It works for the bathroom, bedrooms, laundries and other places in the home where they will give you the opportunity to better organize the space you have available. Fits any style and decoration.

5. Adhesive hooks stainless steel

High quality, strong adhesion hooks with the ability to support almost 9 pounds of weight each. They are made with stainless steel that adapts to most surfaces, whether they are wood, metal, tiles and others. smooth surfaces.

Its simple but efficient design makes each of these hooks efficient for save jackets, coats, bath towels, hats, keys and other accessories.