All your cups, in one place.

There are many ways to organize Better your kitchen utensils, without the need to redesign the entire space, which allows you to save on costs. Among the most practical solutions we find the cup organizers or glasses, which allow you to have everything in one place, save space and give your kitchen a renewed appearance. Take a look at these 5 models:

MyGift: iron organizer

MyGift offers you an organizer made of iron Tough with a rubbed gray finish. Its measurements are 9.5 ″ x 13.25 ″ x 9.5 ″.

The organizer has 15 hooks that will allow you to store, display and organize cups, glasses and bottles. Best of all, its design makes it easy for you to air dry your cups and bottles after washing.

Claimed Corner: wall organizer with 3 levels

Claimed Corner has an organizer made of metal to display your favorite cups and coffee mugs. Includes removable rubber caps for each hook.

The best thing about this organizer is that will protect your cups thanks to its rubber caps, this way you avoid scratches and breaks in the ceramic.

3. MyLifeUNIT: wooden organizer

It is an organizer that has a wood support which is extremely strong and stable. It has 6 arms to hang cups or glasses of different sizes or models.

The best thing about this organizer is its high durability, and the possibility of hanging up to 6 cups, either square or circular. Your cups will dry faster.

Claimed Corner: sturdy wall organizer

The Claimed Corner Wall Organizer features 4 rows of metal for coffee cups, tea cups, glasses and more.

Bring rubber caps Detachable included for each cup hook that will help protect the inside of your cups. Ideal for kitchens with small spaces.

5. MyGift: 24 hook organizer

Vintage style organizer with a rustic finish It measures 25 inches tall x 10 in diameter and includes a multipurpose cleaning towel.

If you want to have all your cups and glasses in one place, this is the model for you. It has 24 metal hooks with ball cover that will be perfect for hanging and displaying your collection of cups, glasses, glasses or bottles.

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