If the sewing It is your passion and you want to start this profession, the best thing you can do is buy your own sewing machine so that in a short time you can make your own clothes and yours. Sewing more than a job is an art that allows you to elevate your creative process, to become a designer, because your pieces will be exclusive. Dare to start in the world of sewing with these five compact sewing machine options:

1. Sewing machine 12-stitch multifunction

The Coastway brand sewing machine is portable, mini size; ideal for beginners and sewing fans. It has 12 built-in thread stitches, built-in light to improve the focus of your sewing, tape measure cutter and tension adjuster. Also includes a replacement fabric press.

This tool is from low weight and low noise, and allows you to control the forward and reverse speed of the seam. It is easy to carry and store. There are multiple functions that you will discover with your machine as you progress with your sewing projects.

2. Michley: compact sewing machine with LED light

The multipurpose sewing machine Michley’s with eight built-in stitch patterns features double thread and double speed; in addition to facilitating forward and backward sewing at the push of a button. It includes LED light to facilitate the illumination of the work field and do not miss a single stitch.

Another feature of this tool is that it has automatic thread rewinding, as well as making sleeve sewing easier. The machine includes two spools of thread, the same number of bobbins, needle, threader, foot pedal and alternative power adapter.

3. Sewing machine with double thread and hands free

Donyer Power has for you this multifunctional double threaded, hands-free sewing machine that you will only use to hold your sewing project while you work. This team portable and lightweight It has four special adjustable speeds for beginners and masters.

Through their threads you can adapt to 12 stitches of different sizes, sewing buttonholes, adjusting buttons, among other functions. If you are thinking of giving a gift to a passionate seamstress, you can opt for a portable machine.

4. Janome: colorful sewing machine

The Janome portable sewing machine is compact and ideal for beginners It includes 10 types of stitches, plus a box to store your sewing accessories and a foot pedal with protector for your fingers. The wire mounting area is diagrammed to facilitate this process while you adapt to your new tool.

This equipment is available in eight colors to combine with your spaces. Its characteristics are essential to approach your sewing projects to crafts in materials such as paper.

5. Portable overlock and compact from AGM

The sewing tool of the AGM brand sewing machine allows you to make clean seams, in addition to facilitating work in tight spaces such as sleeves. At the bottom it has anti-slip pads to ensure overlock function.

This team of two speed It includes its lamp, replaceable foot, reverse seam, and a battery-powered power supply. Dare to start in the world of design and sewing, you can save money and create exclusive pieces.