An element to breathe cleaner and purer air at home.

It might be thought that the air outside our house is more polluted than the air inside, but with pollution from cars, factories and waste, just to mention a few of them, it is normal to feel that in our home we have the safe environment and an open air of any of these types of pollutants.

However, it is not exactly as we imagine the situation of the air within our homes, as we are exposed to more pollutants than in open environments or spaces. Thus, within our homes we can be exposed to various toxic chemical compounds, such as persistent organic pollutants, volatile organic compounds, perfluorinated compounds, and even heavy metals.

Most of these compounds, although surprising, are present in a variety of products that we constantly use in our daily lives. Additionally, inside our houses we find particles, mold, bacteria, viruses, animal hair, animal remains and any type of dirt that we can imagine. These elements are also found outside, with the difference that the wind is responsible for dispersing them.

Within an environment where there are mites, dust, hairs, vapors produced in the kitchen, animal odors and all this accompanied by poor ventilation, makes the air quality not one of the best. The most interesting thing is that this happens in every house, since most of the air that your whole family breathes and breathes every day is not pure and it is not clean either.

In this sense, having the possibility of preventing allergic reactions such as sneezing and tears in the eyes, as well as chronic diseases such as asthma or migraines depend on the quality of the air we breathe and it is in our hands to take control and resort to the necessary measures so that the air we breathe instead of getting sick allows us to be safe and healthy.

For this purpose, the air purifiers, which are devices that have the ability to remove possible contaminants in a certain environment within your home. Thus, the elimination of pollutants present in the air makes it possible for people suffering from problems related to asthma or with some type of allergies to breathe better.

Thanks to the filters contained in the air purifiers, it makes it possible to eliminate contaminants such as dust, smoke, animal hair and pollen, among others, within the purifier itself. Additionally, these devices, in addition to providing you and your family with more breathable air, also have the ability to increase the thermal comfort of an environment.

It is recommended that in a house inhabited by the elderly, children, babies or people suffering from some type of respiratory condition, you can count on an air purifier, since it is the way that allows you, in addition to improving air quality, to be able to complement other devices domestic air conditioning such as the dehumidifier or air conditioner.

Also, it is in charge of solving some unintended harmful effects caused by these air conditioning equipment, since by maintaining a comfortable environment in our houses, which is generally given by a temperature that ranges between 19º and 23º, we are more likely to create conditions for the appearance of parasites such as dust mites, fungi, viruses and bacteria.

Finally, having one of these devices in your home is reflected in the health of those who live there, as well as improvements in their respiratory capacity. Thus, they are responsible for significantly improving air quality, fighting allergies and improving the well-being of everyday life. There are different types, but below we show you some options of compact size.

1. Purifier KOIOS Air


Designed with true HEPA technology, is responsible for filtering 99.97% from dust, pollen, smoke, mold spores and pet hair. It has the ability to filter out particles as small as 0.3 microns and larger to help improve overall health.

It has different stages of purification, your 3 in 1 filter apply a preliminary coat, true HEPA coat and activated carbon coat reduce unpleasant odors effectively. Its compact size allows it to be incorporated into any room and is very easy to use.

Mini Purifier Portable Air


With a portable and compact size, this purifier can cover an area of ​​approximately 19.7 square feet and it is in charge of perfectly solving air quality problems in small areas. Its voltage is low and its operation is silent.

A very easy option to use, you just need to plug in the air purifier and press the on / off button. To change the operating mode to suspend mode, automatic mode, high speed mode or off, press the same button you use to turn on again.

3. Purifier Home Air


It has an updated, silent and powerful design, its updated version offers 360º purification performance and low noise air purifier to make sure you enjoy high quality sleep. Its size makes it easy to place anywhere you need it indoors.

Its operation is fast and easy, since it comes Equipped with a one-touch switch with blue LED light, if you press the button again you enter sleep mode to dim the light and after this it will automatically turn off in eight hours. It creates the perfect environment and can be used as a soft night light.

4. Purifier Air for Allergy


It offers higher purification performance, its technology creates a cleaner and sharper air flow. With greater expansion area and greater length, works with an ultra-fine pre filter and an activated carbon filter to trap 99.97% of fine particles and pollutants.

Your condenser motor uses durable high precision bearings and with an excellent internal structure, in this way it increases the resistance to abrasion, which obviously extends the useful life of this practical air purifier that should not be missing in your home.

5. Air Purifier with Fragrance Sponge


It has been designed with an efficient three-stage filtration system, additionally a fragrance sponge where only a drop of essential oil should be added and a little water under the purifying air outlet and the chosen fragrance flows with the movements of the air.

It includes a lock that allows you to prevent malfunctions caused by pets or children, also includes three fan settings that allow you to control the speed and volume of the air purifier. Its elegant color combines with any style of decoration.