When we think about shaping and stylizing our figure, we almost always relate it to our abdomen, legs or buttocks. However, for many women it is also important to define and reduce the arms outline, and this is possible with the use of girdles special that allow you to wear stylized and perfectly molded arms. Take a look at these models and choose your favorite:

1. Vest type girdle with compression sleeves


Sleeve Model compressors for curved arms, designed for women. These sleeves offer strong compression on the arms and back, which allows to better outline the female figure. Made with seamless material and 3 adjustable hooks on the front.

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your figure and improve your posture, you are sleeves compressors are ideal for you. You can adjust the curvature of your arms.

2. Girdle for arms in nude color


Compressor top design with adjustable sleeves, made of nylon and spandex. This model is in charge of delineating the shape of your arms and improves the curvature of your back.

This top compressor It not only adjusts the shape of your arms, but also allows you to lift your breasts in an attractive and comfortable design.

3. Sleevey Wonders: Top with compression mesh sleeves

Mesh effect sleeves non-slip for woman. Fabric made of 90% nylon and 10% elastane. Elastic, reversible and practical to wear under all types of clothing.

Extremely comfortable and easy to wear. This model of sleeves mesh Allows you to create a slimming effect on your arms, highlighting their curvature.

4. Compression vest with push up effect


Design of vest compression for women, which has comfortable sleeves that adjust the arms and correct the general posture of the body. Made with 90% polyester and 10% elastane.

You can outline your figure with this vest compressor, in addition to correcting your posture and lifting your breasts with a high quality polyester fabric.

5. Joyshaper: Stretch fabric compression vest


Compressor vest with short sleeves stretch fabric and slimming effect. Made of durable, strong and comfortable material. It also has a hook closure.

The shape of your arms will be seen compressed and outlined. You can use this compression vest under all kinds of shirt or dress.