The best to regain coordination and motor skills in the hand.

The arthritis It is an easy disease to identify because one of its main symptoms is that it produces swelling and tenderness in one or more joints. These types of malformations are characterized by producing extreme pain and stiffness in the muscles that tend to worsen with increasing age. One way to alleviate this is with compression gloves And this time we show you some of the available options at an excellent price.

1. Soft-touch gloves with copper

These gloves provide a soft compression, which provides greater warmth and increases circulation while helping to stimulate oxygen delivery and promote better blood flow to the wrists.

They help you reduce pain, this is because the copper Helps stabilize muscle tissue by keeping muscle fiber swelling at a micro level and reducing any symptoms of arthritis.

2. Compression design for hands


A product developed by medical with years of experience treating patients with pain, stiffness and swelling in the joints due to arthritis and other conditions at the muscular level. Made with the cotton and lycra mixture to make them more comfortable to use.

You can use them throughout the day, since their use means a immediate relief for hands and fingers. They help you optimize the strength and function of your wrists.

3. Gloves to treat arthritis


They have been made with a soft and comfortable material. Its fabric has the ability to absorb moisture to keep hands dry and allow skin to breathe.

Their color and unisex design make these gloves ideal for use by both women and men of any age. Its regular use is the best way to alleviate ailments in the hands and fingers.

4. Compression gloves fingerless


High quality gloves that guarantee a comfortable fit and greater hand mobility during the day. Its fingerless design makes it easier to hold things without hindering movement.

Continuous compression and high-quality fabric are responsible for absorbing moisture, improving blood circulation and facilitate the dexterity of your hands so that you can continue doing all your daily tasks without pain.

5. Medical accessories for compression and heat


They are made with an ergonomic design of open fingers which allows total freedom to feel, touch and grab any object. Its soft, flexible fabric delivers light compression and added heat to ease pain.

They are light, soft and perfect to keep your hands comfortable and dry throughout the day. Perform your daily activities completely free of pain or discomfort in the wrists.