We always want to look stylish and highlight our attributes no matter what type of garment we use. To achieve this, a good option is to use compression shirts They help to flatten the abdomen, lift the breasts and improve blood circulation. It is also a good option to show off more thin Instantly. That is why below we present you some options of compression shirts so you can choose the one that best suits your figure.

1. T-shirt long sleeves


This is a garment made with a thermal fabric that protects you from the cold during winter. It has a seamless design so you can use it under clothing and you will feel comfortable.

Fully conforms to the shape of your torso and arms, making you see more thin. It is a garment that you can wear under your everyday clothes without being bothersome.

2. Sleeveless shirt with effect push up

It has been made with polyamide and elastane, soft fabrics that provide a lot of comfort to your body and fit easily to the shape of your body. Available from size S to XXL.

Wearing this shirt under your clothes will help flatten your abdomen and lift your bust, making you look more elegant with any type of garment.

3. Garment with lace and transparencies

This lace top has been made with fabrics flexible and breathable to guarantee the maximum feeling of comfort. It features cups and an adjustable pull-on closure.

This lace garment is very comfortable and it molds easily to any body type without pinching the skin or causing allergic reactions.

4. Shaping shirt with neckline u shape

It is a soft shirt made with 2 compression layers that absorb moisture. It has a U-shaped design with a push up effect that also helps correct your posture.

It will help you alleviate back pains and mark your waist. It can be used while you exercise or to support you during the post-operative recovery stage.

5. Comfortable shirt with brassiere

This is a V neck compression shirt. It is made with breathable fabric and it adapts comfortably to any type of Body. Available in beige and black colors.

You can use it under any garment because its seam-free design makes it totally invisible. It will give you a more appearance thin and you will feel very comfortable to wear it.