Learn the amazing art of contouring and wear a much more defined face.

The contouring It is a technique that is here to stay, as it is an effective and immediate way to hide the imperfections of our face and give our features a more slim, slim and defined; that’s why it’s the technique of makeup which is currently setting trends in the world of fashion and celebrities. And although it seems a little difficult to achieve, to handle the technique you only have to have some basic knowledge, a lot of practice and a good concealer palette of different colors and tones that allow you to achieve the light-dark effect to define each area of ​​your face.

1. Concealer palette vegan and hypolargenic

This creamy textured color palette features 8 combinable formulas that allow to sculpt, define and hide facial features. It is vegan, cruelty free and hypoallergenic. An added benefit is that you can remove each of the concealer containers to recharge it and extend its use.

Adequate for various skin types, the darker shades allow you to soften and define, while the lighter shades allow you to highlight and improve your features. Professionally contour your eyes, cheekbones, nose and jaw, smoothing and reducing its weak points, while highlighting its strong points.

2. Black Radiance: Oil Free Corrector Palette

Creamy in texture, the three-tone concealer palette sits oil free and provides full coverage and maximum blur to achieve the desired result.

It is ideal for contour, sculpt and illuminate your features. To apply it correctly you must place the darkest tones on the edges of your forehead, nose, cheekbones and jaw; and then blend with the lightest shades in the rest of the face areas.

3. Concealer palette in light tones

This cream concealer palette contains ten silky and mixable tones They are suitable for light to medium dark skin tones. It is vegan, cruelty and gluten free.

It gives you a natural finish after achieving higher cheekbones, a smaller forehead, a softer jaw and a slimmer nose; all thanks to the fact that its components hide and hide imperfections well and highlight your best attributes.

4. City Color Cosmetics– Long-lasting concealer palette

Made with very high quality concealers and easily mixableThe three-tone palette for contouring, tanning and brightening the face gives you excellent coverage of your skin in any light.

You will get a long-lasting effect and professional finish thanks to the functions of each of its three tones. The best thing about this product is that it has a guide on how to apply each of the tones to the areas of your face to obtain a perfect result.

5. Lorac PRO: concealer palette with blending brush

This palette of concealers from soft and durable ingredientsIt contains 2 matte highlighters, 1 glossy highlighter and 3 matte contour shades to help you create the effect you want on your face.

Easily mixable and with a variety of shades, you will be able to give the features of your face the definition you want, and thus you can show off a makeup impeccable throughout the day.