Avoid annoying accidents and take care of your baby in every corner of your home.

As we know, the babies they are as delicate as they are active when they begin to crawl and later to walk, this makes them very prone to hitting corners which are dangerous for them.

Babies are initially very dependent on their parents, but over time they become independent until that stage of life arrives where they start to move on their own crawling.

When babies begin to crawl, often at six months of age, this is because their cognitive development reaches a stage in which it allows them to coordinate the space and the direction where they want to go, this is joined by Slightly increases the muscle mass of your joints, allowing them to support themselves without help.

In this crawling process, babies They know how to move but they are not meticulous in their movements, which makes them prone to hitting themselves, and since they are fragile they can still suffer injuries ranging from minor bruises to cuts.

Babies often crawl around the house looking for mom or dad, they can also search for their favorite toys. On this journey, he could hit a corner and cause a bruise, which would unleash a thunderous cry.

Inevitably our houses are full of corners. Furniture is a must in the home, but these have edges that can be dangerous for the little ones.

And to offer solutions to these problems, there are corner protectors. These objects are in charge of covering the pointed corners of our furniture, shelves or tables, in order to avoid hitting the baby with a serious injury.

The corner protectors are made of either acrylic or dense rubber. They seek to eliminate the pointed edge by making it round, in order to avoid that our baby gets to suffer a serious injury and that we require to run to emergencies.

In the market there are a wide variety of brands and corner protectors of very diverse materials, and below we will present 5 protectors that will help improve the safety of our babies at home.

1. Corner protector transparent

This is a package containing 20 projectors Clear oval shaped with adhesive to make it easy to install and it will adapt easily to wall corners and any type of furniture such as beds, cabinets and desks.

If your baby wants to go around the house freely and you want to avoid getting hurt or scratched with any sharp edges, you can choose to start using these protectors in equines. Its transparent color will not harm the decoration of your home. You will feel safe and you will make your home a comfortable place for your baby. Even when you need to remove it, just add heat with a blow dryer and it will peel off without leaving a sticky residue.

2. Super security protectors thick

This protector has been designed in three different colors: black, white and brown, so you can choose according to the hue of your furniture and walls.

It is a thick foam rubber tape that measures approximately three meters made with high quality, strong and durable materials. They are suitable for use with children at home, as it is non-toxic and latex free.

You can use it on the edges and corners of all the furniture in your home. Its tape contains an adhesive and adheres quickly. Also, your baby won’t be able to take it off easily.

3. Transparent protector for super sharp corners

It is a pack of 12 units of rounded corner protectors. Has been made of acrylic and it is free of BPA and products harmful to the health of your children. It has a flexible and easy to install design that adapts to different sharp corners that can hurt or cut your baby.

Just by removing the security tape it will stick without problem and regardless of the surface, but you must make sure that it is not damp or wet. Its thickness is capable of protecting it from even the sharpest corners and provides cushioning.

We know that sometimes when your baby is crawling or walking he can be hurt by anything, but with this product you will avoid many headaches, since you can install it where you prefer and it will not fall.

4. Rounded protector with matte finish

It is a safety protector with a matte finish in the shape of a ball. It has an adhesive so that it adjustment to different surfaces like wood, metal, glass, concrete and plastic. Available in three different presentations you can choose between 8, 16 and 24 units.

Unlike other protectors, this one is characterized by its dimensions that pad different impacts to provide safe and complete protection to your baby. You will prevent bruises, cuts, injuries and scratches from appearing on her delicate skin. It will also be almost invisible so it will not be noticed when you place it on the furniture in your office, living room and dining room.

5. Seatbelt 6 meters

This product is a security tape with an adhesive that covers the sharp edges found in your home. It has a bumper technology that absorbs shocks. It also includes 8 corner cushions for you to use on furniture that can hurt your child.

Watch over the safety and well-being Your child’s responsibility is a great responsibility that can become a challenge and many times we cannot handle everything that happens in our environment. This product will be a great support to protect you from any accident that may cause corners and sharp edges.