Women are constantly in search of showing off a body that looks beautiful and defined; and the girdles They are a garment that can help us in this goal, since they are designed to adapt to your body, mold and compress, and thus be able to provide you with the figure you have always wanted. The typical hourglass body or wasp is one of the most desired, and with the girdles corset type that we show you below will be easier to achieve.

1. Latex girdle with clasp closure

A garment with hook-style closures that hold well and allow you to breathe comfortably at the same time. The piece is made of latex on the surface and has a compression system capable of reducing between 3 to 4 inches from your waist.

This comfortable and practical girdle is so light that you can use it to go to work, be at home or even exercise, since the corset is covered with a soft and breathable fabric on the back.

2. Colombian girdle which reduces the waist

A piece imported from Colombia that reduces your waist in a way snapshot and helps correct the posture of your body. It is equipped with 3 rows of hooks for a better fit and compression on the areas to be corrected.

The garment has a ventilation system which helps keep you dry and fresh at all times. Use it daily to show off a sculptural, defined and very sensual figure.

3. Compression girdle for reduce measures

Made entirely of high-durability latex that is soft to the touch and gives you the compression you need for a more defined figure. Its design allows you reduce measures instantly and produces high compression in hard-to-flatten areas like the stomach.

It is available in colors black and skin so you can choose the one that best matches your outfits. By using it daily, you will be able to shape your body permanently.

4. Vest type girdle with double adjustment

Stylish and vest-inspired design, this shaping garment has been crafted from a compression system that perfectly fits the shape of your waist. It has 3 rows of hooks that interlock to give an hourglass figure.

A piece designed to help accelerate the body’s natural fat burning process. Its synthetic fabric covering keeps your hot muscles and prevents injuries while you carry out your exercise routine.

5. Corset with breathable material

This shaping girdle for the waist has been made with nine supports spirally positioned to support and compress areas such as the stomach, back and hips.

With this corset you can enjoy an attractive figure with the peculiar hourglass shape that will make you look sexy and elegant at the same time. The compression system that the part has, allows you to reduce between 3 to 5 inches from your waist.