Achieve a wasp waist in just seconds.

Get a flat abdomen and a thin waist It is quite a challenge, since it requires a varied exercise routine, a specific diet and in some cases, even surgery. However, there are traditional methods to achieve the abdomen and desired waistlike the girdles corset type, that give you a figure slim and stylish in just seconds, and helps you to permanently shape your body. Take a look at the models that we show you below and choose the best one for you:

1. Thermal girdle corset type

Made in breathable latex Easily adjustable and elastic band to increase compression during training, training and inch loss. The front closure length is 13.8 inches and the back length is 10.8 inches.

Improve your posture, define your waist and flatten your abdomen. It is flexible, durable, and as smooth as plastic bones. It also helps you increase thermal activity and gently lifts you under the bust.

2. Girdle for the gym and training

This corset type girdle is made in 3 layers of latex fabric Authentic and high quality, to offer the most comfortable and pleasant experience in your weight loss efforts.

Your high understanding around the waist will make you reduce more than 3 ″ to obtain the desired hourglass figure. It is perfect for carrying out your weight loss workouts.

3. Mesh corset breathable

Made of latex and boned under the chest, the corset with breathable mesh holes turns out to be an excellent hourglass body shaper.

Great comfort, breathability, posture improvement and reduction abdomen and waist, is what this girdle has to offer you. Its construction material allows you to use it under any dress of your preference.

4. Corset girdle for women with medium / short torso

This corset type girdle made of breathable latex, soft and high compression It has a front length of 11.4 inches and a back length of 10.4 inches.

Its 60 ° oblique steel design will give you a higher compression of the curve of your waist, thus achieving that desired hourglass figure. Perfect for squats or other exercises.

5. Shaping corset ideal for postpartum

Made in breathable and comfortable material, the corset has a 3 hook closure, is hand washable and is available in a leather color.

Smooths the waist area and the belly achieving that long-awaited hourglass figure. You can use it in the gym, during postpartum, to increase blood flow in the torso and to increase calorie burning.