So that each tool and makeup has its own place.

The cosmetic organizers They are a small shelf that has been designed to classify brushes, lipsticks, bases and shadow palettes in a specific place. If you are a woman with a time trial routine, an organizer will help you have everything at hand and save a lot of time when it comes to makeup. Take a look at the 5 organizers that will allow you to have each product on its site.

1. Makeup rack rotary

This is an organizer of makeup It can rotate up to 360 degrees. It is a practical piece of furniture black color It has been made from a durable material. Its measurements are 30 cm x 23 cm, perfect for small styling machines or to have next to the bathroom cabinet.

Its compartments are very wide and of different sizes, so you can store your makeup, creams, styling brushes and perfumes in a more orderly way. Is very easy to assemble and it won’t take up much space.

2. Makeup drawer and accessories

It is a transparent organizer made of high quality acrylic. It has multiple drawers and a top section with 12 compartments to put lipsticks, eyeshadow or mask.

It will help you have a full display of all your makeup and accessories without having to move it from its place. If you are one of those who collect lipsticks by brand and color, this organizer box may be your best choice.

3. Furniture vertical with protective mesh

This is a shelf that has been designed with a padded mesh that protects the cabinet structure from spills and is located at the bottom of all drawers. Ideal for store and organize your accessories and makeup.

Its large size will help you keep all your makeup in one place and you can find each item quickly and accurately. You will enjoy one more life productive thanks to this ingenious organizer.

4. Organizer box multifunctional

It has a very original and elegant that will complement the decoration of any room. It has eight compartments and a sliding drawer to store your jewelry.

Its compact size allows you to better distribute the space that you have available on your comber or nightstand. It also allows you to classify your brushes depending on their size and function.

5. Organizer made of bamboo

This is an organizer that already comes pre-assembled. It has been made of sturdy bamboo and has eight compartments of different sizesFurthermore, its design allows it to rotate up to 360 degrees.

It is completely resistant to moisture, this makes it perfect for storing cosmetics in the bathroom without fear of damage. You can also have your toiletries, makeup, perfumes, nail polish and jewelry in one place with easy access.