Creative decorations to fill your table with all the spirit of Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving Day It is a very important date to thank all the good that has happened to us and where all our loved ones gather and enjoy a hearty dinner. To surprise our relatives and guests, it is good to find a way to decorate and create a warm atmosphere. If you still don’t know how to decorate the table, take a look at the creative ideas that we show you here and that you will surely love.

1. Autumn tablecloth for table or fireplace

It is a brown tablecloth with an embroidered maple leaf design to decorate any piece of furniture in the house. It is made of polyester of the most high quality to resist stains and wrinkles.

Complements the decoration of your home and provides an environment autumnal with this beautiful tablecloth. It will be very easy to adapt to the dimensions of your dining table and when finished you can machine wash it.

Support for cutlery and napkins

A set of 18 decorative pieces turkey-shaped. Perfect to store tableware and napkins. They are versatile and easy to use and they also have a festive and unique design.

Its vibrant and elegant autumn colors are perfect to decorate in any season of the year. According to the comments of its buyers, it is a fantastic product to rekindle the spirit of Thanksgiving.

3. Candleholder decorative in gold color

These are 12 golden candle holders made of metal to withstand high temperatures and avoid damage. They have a universal size that adapts to medium or small scale candles.

Its design has small holes to ensure a softer light. They are perfect for creating a quiet atmosphere and elegant in your home. They can also be used for centerpieces for weddings, parties, or other special events.

72 toothpicks turkey decorative

These wooden toothpicks turkey shaped made of paper, they are perfect to decorate any appetizer, snacks or cupcake and give it a more festive touch.

Receive your diners with a autumnal decoration Designed for Thanksgiving and surprise them with this creative low-cost idea.

5. 1000 sheets maple artificial

This is a package containing 1000 decorative sheets made of polyester with 10 shades different and have a realistic printed design. Each sheet measures 3 x 3 inches.

Ideal for decorating your home in autumn seasons. You can make various arrangements and even fly your imagination. You can easily wash them without fear of losing their shape or color.

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