Everything you need to enjoy the best outdoor wedding.

The wedding, Despite representing a moment of happiness and love, they are usually a real headache when it comes to planning. Those that take place at fresh air They usually bring us many concerns for various reasons, such as the weather conditions, the environment where it will take place, the clothing and above all the comfort of the guests. If you are in the process of planning a wedding or are planning the decor, then take a look at the options that we show you below, special for outdoor events and with little budget.

Lights curtain style

This set of curtain style lights are connectable to one another to make them shine as one piece. The lights are covered by transparent plastic with super flexible copper wire. They are waterproof, so they will be safe in light rain.

It has several functions when flashing the lights and keep configured even after being switched off and on again. You can use them in important celebrations such as weddings, birthdays or other outdoor events.

Lattice for climbing plants

These bars are a very nice alternative to celebrate a marriage and be part of the main stage for the entire celebration. They are 2 units of iron bars black color made with stainless steel where you can place beautiful climbing plants.

If you want one floral decoration At your wedding, this is an excellent option to do it easily and cheaply. It adds a lot of style to the atmosphere of any space.

3. Arc metal for weddings

It is a bow made of white metal in which they can be placed Cute flowers to locate them in places where you welcome your guests. It is approximately 57 inches wide by 94 inches tall.

If you use it in your celebration you will have no problems because it is very easy to assemble through removable sections according to the desired size. Really is a nice option to decorate those spaces to make them look like a magical place.

4. Garland of ivy artificial

These beautiful garlands are made up of 5 strings of vines pendants artificial and each one measures 8 feet long with a length of 44 feet. It comes with high quality silk and plastic.

They are an important and very opportune option to celebrate a wedding because they represent a delicate decoration that symbolizes the union of 2 people. A plus point is that compared to fresh flowers, artificial flowers can be used many times.

5. Set of paper lamps with led lights multicolored

This system of LED lights has 10 delicate lanterns that illuminate in five different colors, among which are blue, green, orange, violet and red. They are made of waterproof nylon, are battery operated and have a floating effect which gives them its transparent cables.

These lights are economical and long lasting that conserve energy. One plus point is that they don’t require outlets because they work with an on-off switch. Also, they are a cute decor to celebrate the wedding in style.

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