Halloween It is one of the favorite dates for those who like to dress up, the theme of terror and the goodies. The most important thing about the holiday season is to make our home presentable and show the neighborhood your holiday spirit. That is why this time we will recommend 5 decorations for your home that will surely scare more than one during the Halloween night.

1. Undead for patios and gardens

Decoration of zombie lively with sounds and lights to place in the patio, garden or outdoor spaces in the house. Made with high quality flexible materials like latex, plastic and fabric.

A creepy zombie that is activated by sound, emitting horrible moans as its eyes light up. This decorative object works with AA batteries.

2. Hanging Mummy with LED lights

Made from a combination of plastic and cotton fabric, this creepy mummy It has a ribbon on the top that allows you to hang it anywhere in your house. It has two bright red LED bulbs.

A corpse decoration capable of surprising more than one person. The complete piece is really light so you can easily hang, remove and store it.

3. Hanging ghost of Halloween

Mannequin for Halloween party with design of hanging ghost in dark robes. A festive ornament that produces sound with programmed movements to give an authentic atmosphere of fear.

This spectrum is mainly made with papers and fabrics High quality, which make the ghost’s robe and hood a scary decorative element. It has two light bulbs in the upper part that light up automatically.

4. Giant spider with cobweb

A decoration that represents the worst nightmare of an arachnophobic. Is a giant spider with flexible legs that vibrate, emit sounds and have LED lights that shine brightly at night.

What stands out most about this scary spider is its large size and the ability it has to vibrate and shake violently. It is made with resistant materials that allow you to locate it in any space in your home.

5. Haunted mirror with light and sounds

A haunted mirror with vintage details and colored with non-toxic natural pigments. This home accessory has bright lights that when lit reveal the image of a gloomy skull.

The enchanted mirror of decoration, it is also capable of generating sounds to add some additional malice. Something very interesting about this article is that it has the same qualities of an ordinary mirror when it is not on.