A simple and practical way to give your house a renewed look and expand spaces.

There is nothing better than giving our home a change of look every so often. It helps us stay comfortable with our surroundings and make the most of the spaces in our house, but sometimes there are changes that we would like to make but that are almost impossible, such as wanting enlarge our room or room. A good alternative for this are the Mirrors, which give us the visual illusion of being in a lot of space wider, and give the room a unique decorative touch. Take a look at these models and choose the one that best matches the new look of your home:

Lulu Decor: 24 ″ circular mirror with glass spheres

Mirror with metal frame with design that simulates fireworks, with hundreds of metal bars with glass spheres at the ends.

It is a high quality mirror, made with high resistance materials. It has a small ring to hang it on the wall and keep it firmly in place.

DecorShore: 20 ″ round mirror with mosaic border

Luxurious mirror with glass mosaic border finely carved which allows them to have a brilliant and unique design. The frame allows the central mirror to be removed for easy cleaning.

Includes sturdy pegs to hang it on the wall with great firmness. It is an accessory that will give it a touch Fine and elegant to any room.

3. Yusylvia: acrylic vinyl parts with mirror effect

Set of 8 self-adhesive acrylic pieces with mirror effectIdeal for sticking on the wall anywhere or in your home. Each piece measures 8 x 8 inches.

It is the perfect complement to give your home a vintage and classic look, without losing the touch of modernity and elegance. You can place them both on the wall and in the closet or some piece of furniture.

Stonebriar: brass rimmed mirror with lace design

Circular decorative mirror with brass edge with rustic finish and turquoise. The mirror is 12.5 inches and includes a rear peg for easy hanging on any wall.

It is the ideal complement for the living room, kitchen or even the room. It gives a rustic and modern touch to any space, in addition to giving a illusion of spaciousness.

5. Hosaken: 25 ″ round minimalist mirror

Mirror with metal frame with modern and minimalist style. Its 25 ″ diameter gives a great illusion of spaciousness to any space. It includes sturdy frame and rear pin to hang it on the wall.

Ideal for a modern and contemporary setting, this mirror gives any room the touch of class and focal point needed for a look totally renovated to your home.

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