The decor of our house is the most effective way to create an environment where we feel comfortable and that is capable of transmitting a style with which we can feel identified. In the world of interior decoration, furniture and style objects vintage they have become the most popular trend. It is for this reason that today we show you some decorative pieces of this style so that you do not stay out of this movement.

1. Lamp table


It is a lamp that has a pole black metal on a marble base and with a metal lantern-shaped screen. Its design adds a special and very aesthetic touch to any space.

It is a compact piece that adapts to any environment and you can place it on any table or shelf in your house. An ideal option that in addition to lighting, attracts a lot of attention.

2. Hold books vintage


It is a design inspired by the classic that is made up of a pair of Photo cameras old made with resin and with a bronze finish that gives them an aged appearance. Ideal for holding books on shelves or libraries.

In addition to being a utilitarian and practical object, it has the ability to beautify and give it that nostalgic touch to any shelf where you decide to place it. Its earthy colors adapt perfectly to any environment.

3. Cage classic for birds


This is a cage with an antique ivory finish that features a design inspired by the first bird cages made with iron. It has a double hexagonal iron dome with a very striking geometric pattern.

Its measurements make it ideal to place on tables or shelves as a centerpiece, you can also hang it from its top end to give a more authentic touch to the decoration of your home.

Four. Balloon earth tone earth globe


A nautical world globe that has been designed in aluminum with a rustic finish. It is completely painted in brown and is supported on a wooden shaft with exposed screws.

The map is printed in sepia tones and has a black typography which helps to highlight the background. A traditional, classic and very original piece that will go incredible with the rest of the decoration of your home.

5. Fan industrial-look chrome


Its body is made entirely of metal to guarantee greater durability and is completely painted by hand. The part has a high-quality motor, with two speeds and an ignition switch.

Vintage bronze color and sculpted metal design add a lot elegance to any environment in your house, a fan that complements the decoration of your home and adds a lot of personality.