If you want to show off a slim and slim figure, you should use these denims.

See us fine and thin It is something we all want regardless of our height. Although many times those extra kilos we have make us form rolls and we feel insecure. For this reason we must have garments that help us look slimmer and stylize our figure, regardless of the occasion. You can choose to use mahonesThey are versatile garments, very easy to combine and that fit your hips easily. Take a look at the 5 options that we will show you below:

1. Mahon straight cut that will get you out of any trouble


This is a pants made of polyester cotton and lycra, breathable fabrics they do not irritate the skin. It features a pull-up closure to make it easy to put on, two side pockets and an elastic strap to fit your waist securely.

It is a garment basic and very comfortable that you can use in any season of the year. Ideal for use on trips to the park or the cinema.

2. Tight pants easy to combine

Garment that has been made with elastic and soft fabric that adapts your figure without tightening or deforming it. It is available in sizes from S up to 2L.

For having a design that tightens your ankles, it will stylize your legs and they will look longer. In addition, its black color allows you to combine it with different blouses without taking away the limelight.

3. Slim pants that adjust to your waist

It is a pants made with 98% cotton and 2% elastane, high quality fabrics that you can wash multiple times and will not lose their color. Includes a pull-on closure, two side pockets and two back pockets, perfect for you to keep credit cards, keys and ph

It is a pants of casual style that provides comfort and elegance. It is very pleasant to the touch so it will not irritate your skin, ideal for delicate skin.

4. Pants denim high waist

It is a denim pants super baggy. Made with elastane and cotton. It has a design that adjusts to your hips and thighs.

This is a traditional jean that will accompany you on different occasions. Define your hips and legs in a natural way. You can combine it with different blouses and accessories.

5. Pants that lift your buttocks and define your hips

It is a tight pants that shapes your waist, hip, thighs and buttocks. It has been made with an elastic fabric of high quality and durability.

Regardless of the dimensions of your body, this is a super flattering pants to look slimmer and taller. You can use it in any season of the year, since it is a basic garment that Not old fashioned.