The latest in women’s fashion for winter.

The jackets They are available in countless designs, materials, and styles. This has made them one of the most indispensable and popular garments in women’s clothing at any time of the year. However, they are more frequent during the winter season where the priority is to use warm clothing to help maintain body heat. For this, below you will find a list with five versatile designs made with fleece.

1. Jacket with side pockets

It is a jacket made of polyester and fleece to provide maximum warmth during the coldest days of winter. Its design has a closure of full zip matching with side pockets and high neck.

This is one classic garment and warm that should not be missing in your wardrobe, since it is very versatile and adapts without problems to your winter looks. It fits well into any outfit you wear on a daily basis to shop, take a walk, or spend the day at home.

2. Classic lining style Sherpa fleece

It is a jacket made with a Sherpa fleece that offers a layer of insulation to keep you warm during the colder seasons of the year. It comes with a zipper, a high neckline and side pockets of the same material.

This garment has a versatile design that you can easily adapt to your winter clothes. Look amazing with skinny jeans and matching boots while hiking, going for a walk or going to work.

3. Design with synthetic skin

It is a jacket made of faux fur and fleece lining of double-sided to provide extra insulation from the cold. It features a lapel design, a high neckline, side pockets and a full zip closure.

It is a fluffy coat that will become your best option throughout the winter. In addition, its loose fit is easy to combine with tight pants and high boots so you can get more outfit glamorous.

4. Piece with front zipper

This jacket features a fleece soft and light that keeps you warm. It also has a full zip with two side pockets and a high neck that offers comfort on winter days.

It is a garment that works as a complement to any casual outfit you want to wear for a weekend or for your daily walks, because it is a light piece and adapts comfortably to climates cold and wet.

5. Winter jacket Two colors

It is a loose fit jacket that is designed with a very modern combination of two colors and fleece lining double sherpa. Its design is front zip, padded high neck and two matching side pockets.

It is a fashionable coat with which you will have no problem staying warm during colder seasons such as fall or winter. This jacket goes perfectly with any casual outfit you want to use to go out with friends or go shopping.

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